music festival safety

A new YouGov survey has released shocking statistics from their 2017 study of U.K. music festivals that reveal sexual misconduct is just as rampant as ever in the past year. Here’s the ones that hit it home.

  • 1 in 5 festival attendees experience sexual harassment or assault.
  • 30% of women, and 43% of women under 40, experience unwanted sexual contact at festivals.
  • 1% of women reported their experience to festival staff.
  • 19% of men reported their experience to festival staff.
  • 70% of the attacks occurred by strangers.

The survey, which involved 1,198 participants, shines light on the unfortunate status of safety at music events, which has been a hot topic of discussion within the last decade.

While the statistics are worrisome, there are several ways in which music festivals can work to improve safety at music festivals for women and all attendees. These statistics are the cold hard numbers and facts some organizations need to push their agendas on making sure safety is addressed when planning a music festival.

Several organizations within the U.K. have spoken out in response to the statistics, including Safe Gigs for Women and Good Night Out Campaign, with steps on how individuals and organizations can make music festivals a more positive experience for everyone involved. Both of these organizations advocate a preventative and proactive approach, including training and events to promote safety at all live music events, not just limiting themselves to music festivals.

music festival safety Safe Gigs for Women

With these new statistics, sexual harassment at festivals seem to be the new norm, but with advocacy programs and awareness, we can make a difference, together.

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