Sometimes a few feet can change everything. In this case, 35.

Bonfire Country Bar in Portland, OR requested an entertainment license (aka a license that allows them to have live music at the venue) transfer from the 51 Wharf Restaurant and Ultra Lounge which closed in the fall. Unfortunately, the next closest entertainment license holder is only 35 feet away.

That means that they are 65 feet too close. In 2006, an ordinance was passed that prohibits any establishments within 100 feet of one another to get a new license. Unfortunately in an 8 to 1 vote, councilors denied the transfer of license.

Bonfire Country Bar too close

Since the ordinance allows those who already have the licenses to continue, no matter what their distance from other live music establishments, what do you feel about it being shot down? Is this the kind of thing that makes it harder for musicians to play and for live music lovers to get their fix?

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