Get ready for a taste of the jungle, in all its variety and right in the heart of Brooklyn. The Sonic Jungle is launching with four pop up events starting this February 25th, 2017 at its location on Flatbush Avenue near Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

This massive space is 44,000 square feet over four floors of space. And don’t think for a second that music is the lone attraction for a place this large. The plan is to include features that run the gamut from meditation to healing lounges, art galleries and installations, interactive VR experiences, an herbal apothecary, film screenings, and more.

Of course, the first and main attraction is the music, and for the opening night there’s a massive lineup of artists, including live performances by KATYA LEE and Patafunk.

The Sonic Jungle opening night flyer

Although the venue isn’t planning on permanently opening until 2018, these four pop-up events are paving the way to introducing and testing out the club’s unique concept with New Yorkers, as well as rewarding the “in the know” early adopters.

After February 25th, the pop up events will be on March 11th, April 15th, and the final date is TBD (although if the pattern holds, mid-May is a good bet).

One more thing, The Sonic Jungle isn’t just a new fun nightlife option. If you’re an artist, performer, filmmaker, or anything along a similar vein and you’re interested in collaborating with the venue in one of their multitude of experiences, the Sonic Jungle is looking for people now.

Here’s a walkthrough of the space in progress:

Check out the Sonic Jungle’s official website for more on tickets, artistic collaborations, volunteer options, and potential flavors of aroma therapy.