Back in 1981, while leading the new wave band Rough Trade, Carole Pope had one of the first lesbian-themed songs to get into the Canadian top 40. Then in 2014, she released an album called Music For Lesbians, which could almost be considered mocking if it wasn’t from her, especially the song “Lesbians In The Forest.”

Carole Pope's Music for LesbiansNow, she’s kicked off the Music For Lesbians festival on April 7th at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto. The inaugural event brought in Rae Spoon, DJ Betty Ford, Jordan Alexander, and of course, Carole Pope. And don’t turn away if you’re not a lesbian, Carole said on the Facebook event page that, “you can be whatever” and come to the show.

It’s not a show for lesbians as much as a show to celebrate strong women performers and highlight things from a woman’s perspective. My favorite quote from her about the series was, “Everything is too penis-y, because everything is,” and I can’t say she’s wrong.

Carole mentioned over on Now Toronto that she’d like to feature Pack A.D., Slanty Eyed Mama, Sapphic Musk, and Vag Halen in future shows. Excited to see where this series goes.

Were you at the first event? How was it? Tell us over on Twitter!

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