Union Stage

We wrote about The Wharf back in May, the $2 billion development on the Southwest Waterfront, but there’s even more news about one of the venues coming to the area right now! Union Stage will be supporting shows before their actual opening.

Barracks Row’s The Miracle Theatre was originally opened up in December of 1909 as the Meader Theater, a vaudeville theatre showing motion pictures and live performances, but since has been operated as a second-run movie theater and live performance venue.

Union Stage is still coming at some point this fall, they’re just getting things rolling a little early. On the Miracle Theatre’s calendar, you’ll now notice a bunch of shows with the designation “Union Stage Presents.”

That means that starting this Thursday, October 5th, you can catch Sun Kil Moon, featuring Magik Orchestra, Steve Shelley, and Josh Haden. After that, look forward to Jon Foreman of Switchfoot hitting the stage on November 12th.

When it opens, Union Stage will have a 450-person capacity, span 7,500 square feet, and will bring rock, acoustic acts, and large-scale private events.

Will you be hitting up the shows at The Miracle Theatre before Union Stage opens up, or are you waiting for the new venue? Or are you holding out for the even bigger $60 million venue coming to the area, The Anthem?

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