What The Festival cancelled in 2018

What The Festival‘s recent announcement that they’re not putting on a 2018 edition of the festival is making a few of their 50,000+ electronic music fans on Facebook ask WTF. But for a lot of them, they’re just holding out hope they’ll actually be hosting their Burning Man-inspired EDM festival again in 2019.

For the past six years, What The Festival has brought a boutique experience of art, music, a speaker series, movement classes, and more to eight stages. The festival is located about 90 miles east of Portland.

On the same day as their announcement, they published their official “after movie” (their term for festival recap) from 2017 on YouTube. If you don’t watch the video below without already missing them in 2018, I don’t know what could. It looks like an incredible experience.

This past year they had performances by Gramatik, Classixx, Falcons, Chet Porter, Touch Sensitive, Wingtip, Rezz, and 109 others. That’s not a typo. They list 116 artists for their 2017 lineup alone.

Hopefully, this is just a one year hiatus to really blow out 2019, but time will tell. We wish them nothing but the best and know that electronic fans from around the world will be ready to rage with them whenever they come back.

The full statement from their Facebook page: 

“To our beloved wolf pack: The team at What The Festival has worked tirelessly the past six years to bring you the best festival we knew how to. Unfortunately, this was a challenging year for us and we need to take a break in 2018 to recenter and re-energize so we can bring you another great event in the future. We love you all and cannot thank you enough for the support. See you all in 2019!”

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