Probably not, but you may just want to throw your empty beverage containers in a bag and take them home after the show tonight. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission just bumped the redemption value of containers three liters or less from 5 to 10 cents. 

Starting April 1, 2017 the eligible containers include water/flavored water, soda water/mineral water, carbonated soft drinks, beer, and malt beverages. Then on January 1, 2018 the bill expands to include hard cider, fruit juice, kombucha, tea, coffee, and coconut water.

Also, if you’ve got old beverage containers that have the 5 cent markings on them, no worries. They will still get the 10 cent refund, they just have to be purchased in Oregon and labeled appropriately. You can find the massive list of FAQs for the bill here.

You’re not going to go out for free because of the bill, but every little bit helps. And since the state is trying to bump up the return rate for bottles from 64% in 2015 up to 80%, we can only hope the 10 cents will incentivize more people to turn in their finished bottles.

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