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For the last New Music Friday of September, we give you seven tasty records to slide into the weekend.

See you on the other side.

Vessels – The Great Distraction

If you’re looking for the Vessels of the late ’00s, you’re not going to find it here. They’re no longer a post-rock group. On one side, it makes me sad, because their 2008 album, White Fields & Open Devices was incredible, but on the other, it’s a really fun electronic album. The perfect album for dancing the night away, or going heads down, and getting work done.
Favorite tracks: “Deflect the Light & Position” 

Jamie Lawson – Happy Accidents

I’m a sucker for English singer/songwriters. If you’re looking for an emotional, heartfelt, soft rock love album. You have found it. It’s not breaking any molds, or drawing outside the lines, but it’s a solid record full of songs you’ll want to dedicate to your significant other. Or just play it for a calm evening in with whoever you love.
Favorite tracks: “Don’t Say You Don’t If You Do & Time On My Hands” 

Echosmith – Inside a Dream EP

It’s a week full of reinventions. This EP sounds like the band is using it as a jumping off point in their sound. Their earlier work was much more guitar focused, where this one is heavy in the synth department. The seven songs are just enough to whet your whistle and get you excited about what’s to come. The new direction will make any pop lover happy.
Favorite tracks: “Goodbye & Dear World” 

Loney Dear – Loney Dear

Swedish chamber pop mastermind. Not only is he on top of his game, but this album is one of the biggest sounding records in the mix this week. He knows how to put layer upon layer of sounds together to create massive landscapes in your ears. The end result is an almost menacing soundtrack with vocals that’ll caress your back as you go into the unknown.
Favorite tracks: “Harbours/ Harbors & Hulls” 

Iglooghost – Neo Wax Bloom

One of the most interesting albums of the week, maybe the year. It’s an electronically charged mix of jazz, hip-hop, and your favorite cartoon slammed into one very busy sound. Seamus Malliagh has created something that I can only describe as chaos theory, because from the outside, it looks like insanity, but when you break it down, it all makes sense. Bravo.
Favorite tracks: “White Gum & Zen Champ” 

Ibeyi – Ash

Electro-drenched R&B with an almost spiritual feel to it. The album is a definite statement on the times, empowering, inspiring, and there’s even a track that samples Michelle Obama (No Man Is Big Enough for My Arms). While, you can feel the album is rooted in an uphill battle, the future is bright.
Favorite tracks: “Deathless & When Will I Learn” 

Protomartyr – Relatives in Descent

I’m pretty sure that Joe Casey stole the soul of a beat poet. The indie rockers go dark on this one and you can hear in every line that they’re speaking directly about the state of the world right now. With some crunchy guitar and drums that give the record a solid heartbeat, it’s an incredible, if not sinister, offering to the rock gods.
Favorite tracks: “Here Is The Thing & The Chuckler” 

And like September, we’re out.

See you next month!

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