Man, this was THE WEEK. The USA had great results and a plethora of medals to take home from the Olympics, we got to experience the first inklings of Autumn earlier in the week, and a ton of music was just released for all of us to revel in before the school year starts.

Here is a list of our favorites today, let us know which ones you are feeling, and if we missed any killer releases with a #NewMusicFriday tweet to our @Jukely account!

Glass Animals – How To Be A Human Being

FOR THOSE WHO: are completely enthralled with the human person, all the trials and errors we go through in life, and love a good, insanely talented English band to soundtrack through different personalities. But in all complete seriousness, this is one of the best albums we’ve heard in some time. Really sink yourself into this one.

cashmere cat + The Weeknd – “Wild Love” (Feat. Francis and the Lights) 

FOR THOSE WHO: are down with the electro-melancholy of James Blake, love the smooth R&B vocals of The Weeknd, and just need a song to cry and dance to all at once.

Young Thug // JefferyNo, My Name is Jeffery

FOR THOSE WHO: need a new hero, are way into Young Thug’s new persona, and will back him no matter what direction his creative inspiration turns, as long as he’s keeping it real. DGAF about gender norms, BEST ALBUM ART THIS YEAR.

M.I.A. – “Bird Song” (Diplo Remix)

FOR THOSE WHO: need a song to blast when they’re out there saving the world. Also a nice reminder that even YOU can get over ill feelings towards your ex. If M.I.A. can collaborate with Diplo and produce a banger of a song, the rest of us can do anything.

Mr. Oizo – “End of the World” (feat. Skrillex)

FOR THOSE WHO: need a jam to impress their bougie ass French electro friends with, but also impress your hyphy American friends with at the same time. A song that brings the youth together in harmony, isn’t that what we all want out of life?

Empire of the Sun – “Two Vines”

FOR THOSE WHO: wanna take a walk this afternoon and soak up the last of the summer air, before we all dive into the nuances of Autumn and the new school // work year.

Black Coffee – “Buya” EP

FOR THOSE WHO: are obsessed with that one song, but want to hear a plethora of different interpretations, just to shake things up a bit.

River Whyless –  We All The Light

FOR THOSE WHO: need something a little new, something a little fresh, and something that will make you reminisce about those nights hunched over the fireplace with family and friends sipping hot tea, laughing about memories.