It was an oddly quiet week in the new music world, but we dug, we searched, and we triumphed with delicious new 7 albums. I’m still blown away by the punk rock coming out of Norway, check it out below.

Let’s do it!

Coma Cinema – Loss Memory

Good news/Bad news. Mathew Lee Cothran has made a beautifully reflective album that’s extremely personal and touching. But, this is the last album he’s releasing under the Coma Cinema name. So, if you’re looking for more of this, it’s going to be under his own name or Elvis Depressedly.
Favorite tracks: “Running Wide Open” & “Loss Memory” 

Sean Nicholas Savage – Yummycoma

Super unique sound that the title “Yummycoma” encapsulates perfectly. It’s a mix of art-pop, R&B, and singer/songwriter all in one. Super minimalist background with the focus on Sean’s voice. If you’re looking for something completely unique to what’s out there right now, this one will do it nicely, with a side of nostalgia.
Favorite tracks: “Opposing Truths” & “The Flow” 


This is the indie rock we’ve been waiting for! The New York duo’s debut album sounds more confident than most and across the 30 minute record, there’s not a song on it that ever lets up. The vocals of Dan Lardner and Alex Niemetz intertwine like two vines that join forces to make something stronger than each alone. Honestly, it’s just straight up good NYC indie.
Favorite tracks: “Rodeo” & “Dress/Undress” 

Telyscopes – The Hobbyist

With a mix of bedroom pop, baroque pop, and synth driven tunes that’ll have you bouncing your head and then floating through space. In a few of the songs, there’s a fun Beach Boys vibe, that’s undeniable, but still completely unique. Over the 45 minutes, you slowly see that even though it’s named The Hobbyist, they are anything but.
Favorite tracks: “Saint Remy” & “Salem, They’re Going to Hang Me” 

Honningbarna – Voldelig Lyd

I’ve never wanted to speak Norwegian more than I do right now. These guys are known for performing lyrics in the local Kristiansand dialect and it’s incredible. The entire album is 20 minutes and I wanted so much more. Let me be the first to say you don’t need to know what they’re saying to love this one (but it would be nice). Heavy hitting punk rock.
Favorite tracks: “Født Feig/Dø Bleig” & “Sant” 

Total Control – Laughing At The System

Australian post-punks are expanding their repertoire into a synth-filled world that feels vaguely familiar and completely different from their previous release in 2014. This is another one that slides in at 20 minutes and by the end, you wish there was more. The entire album moves forward like a train with no sense of slowing down.
Favorite tracks: “Laughing At The System, Pt. 2” & “Vanity” 

BONUS EP: Furnsss – Furnsss

Five tracks, eleven minutes, and one of my favorite releases of the week. Don’t let all of the “Explicit Lyrics” warnings scare you, this is some smooth indie rock with a pinch of ’60s nostalgia that feels reinvented. It’s also less dreamy than their 2014 album, Silent Gold. The future is heating up.
Favorite tracks: “Frozen Body” & “Do What I want” 

See you in a week!

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