TGIF! We hope your Friday is off to a good start so far, and if it’s not, hopefully this Jukely-approved playlist will help you dive head-first into the weekend. Here is our list of eight albums we haven’t been able to stop playing this week.

Let us know which ones are your favorite, which albums you’ve been rocking to, and what you think we should be listening to over on twitter!


FOR THOSE WHO: need a darker, heavier power album to set their weekend vibe off strong.


FOR THOSE WHO: are feelin’ a little low on the self-esteem scale, need a bit of a hard-edged pick me up, but then also some delicately fine tuneage to calm them back down.

The Joy FormidableSleep Is Day

FOR THOSE WHO: miss the good old days. But instead of trying to go back in time, hear a good old band, with some good ole’ music, hitting the nail on the head with some good ole’ covers (Misfits, David Bowie).

DJ MustardCold Summer

FOR THOSE WHO: who wanna get down with some rap and hip-hop but also have that comfortable fall back of deep trap and hip-hop electro cruising in the back of the tracks. This is thee album for pre-games.

Beats AntiqueShadowbox

FOR THOSE WHO: are bit too poor to travel right now, but find solace in the idea of sonic travel, a term we just made up where you can travel the world through sound.

Lewis Del MarLewis Del Mar

FOR THOSE WHO: like folk and their soft-rock with a heavy undertone of wild synth elements, strong, visceral vocals, and a DGAF attitude.

OneRepublic Oh My My

FOR THOSE WHO: AREN’T AFRAID TO PUT THEIR SPOTIFY ON PRIVATE. Play this album loud and proud, my friends. It’s phenomenal.

GTAGood Times Ahead

FOR THOSE WHO: are need of some sensual R&B, hip-hop, and sexy electronic for this weekend’s special plans with that special someone(s).