And we’re back with another set of the 8 music releases we are feeling this week. This week, we’re featuring all albums, but it certainly was quite a task, because there are almost too many good albums dropping all around us. As we approach October, let’s take a listen to all the new albums that might make you feel a rainfall of cozy sadness, make you feel a little hyped up, get you feelin’ the good ole’ retro groove, or might simply just make you want to dance.

Let us know which of these you are jamming to, and what you think we should be listening to on twitter!

Public Access TVIn Our Blood

FOR THOSE WHO: can smell the forthcoming mess that is CMJ, and need to get into the lo-fi feel-good punk rock mood.

Tycho Epoch

FOR THOSE WHO: need their own backing soundtrack. This album can score a lot. Super pensive drives down memory lane, sad walks home alone from a failed date, and even some tunes to hype you up for the excited run towards your office building to look your boss in the eye and say “I QUIT!” before realizing you need that paycheck and are back to being down in the dumps. But don’t worry, there’s a track for that, too.

PixiesHead Carrier

FOR THOSE WHO: are craving time with an old friend who just gets you. You know? The Pixies will always be there for you.

The GrowlersCity Club

FOR THOSE WHO: are looking for that special album to play in the car, while you pick up that special someone, and take a long, road-trip like drive to that special somewhere to pick pumpkins and apples.

Nico JaarSirens

FOR THOSE WHO: couple things here; those who like to tap into the darker, more intelligent realms of music and get completely lost in memories that you haven’t summoned in a while, OR for those who like to pretend they live in a dystopian universe circa the fall of 1950’s and have a creepy high school homecoming to attend, specifically “History Lesson”.

Bon Iver22, A Million

FOR THOSE WHO: like to cry, a lot, and then power dance yourself out of it just to find yourself sobbing again as the next song finishes.

BanksThe Altar

FOR THOSE WHO: need a serious, sensual confidence boost in their morale. BANKS has got you, babe, chin up!

Francis and the LightsFarewell, Starlite!

FOR THOSE WHO: wanna keep the downtempo synth vibe going cause tis’ the season, but need a sonic pick-me-up.