Can ewe believe that it’s already the end of July? By the time the next New Music Friday hits it will be August. But thankfully, we’ve got new tunes to get us through it all.

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ShadowParty – ShadowParty

With members of Devo and New Order, you know these guys are coming to the show prepared. If you’re looking for a throwback built for a contemporary ear, this is your album of the week. It’s a bit dark, full of synths, and has vocals that’ll give you chills.
Favorite tracks: “Truth” & “Reverse The Curse”

Ross from Friends – Family Portrait

This is what lo-fi electro and new wave should sound like. It’s a step away from house and gives an incredible emotionality to the sound with vocal samples that are on another level. This is space traveler music and I mean that in the best way possible.
Favorite tracks: “The Knife” & “Family Portrait”

Willie Nile – Children of Paradise

Somehow, they mix Springsteen, Rancid, and Dylan into one on this one. It’s folky, it’s rock, and it’s punk all at the same time. This is the album you get when you have a rock ‘n’ roll veteran at the helm. Incredible writing and even better energy.
Favorite tracks: “Don’t” & “Secret Weapon”

RL Grime – Nova

This is a beast of a record. Fifteen tracks and just under an hour with everyone from Miguel, to Chief Keef, to Ty Dolla $ign, it’s got something for everyone. The only thing is, you’re going to want a better sound system to listen to these bangers.
Favorite tracks: “Light Me Up” & “Era”

Bass Drum of Death – Just Business

Do not judge an album by its cover. This 35 minute album is a garage rock gold mine with a punk rock backbone and southern intricacies. It’s also got a focus on cleaner vocals, which take it up a few levels from previous works.
Favorite tracks: “Too High” & “Heavy”

Denzel Curry – TA13OO

This is one of the most diverse rap albums I’ve heard recently. Not only is the record across three acts, but he changes his styles on almost every track. It’s dark; it’s violent; at points, it’s beautiful. This is what it looks like to make a name for yourself.

Dee Snider – For the Love of Metal

When I saw Dee’s name on the list this week, I was nervous. As a fan of what he did with Twisted Sister back in the day, I thought to myself that this could be amazing or a trainwreck. Luckily, it’s the latter. Welcome to the metal era of Dee Snider.
Favorite tracks: “I am The Hurricane” & “I’m Ready”

BONUS SINGLE: Wingtip – “Pavement”

Wingtip has an incredible way of making something beautiful and painful at the same time and this song is no different. If you listen to the melody you’ll groove along, but the lyrics will cut you.

See you in August!