new music friday

And before we jump in, how perfect is it that we start the week with Tiny Moving Parts and end with Machine Head? Because, you’d figure inside of a machine head, there’d be…

*taps mic*

Tiny moving…

Never mind, here’s the tunes!

Tiny Moving Parts – Swell

This emo punk rock trio is aging like a fine box of wine. And I mean that in the best of ways. The album is a tight, fast-paced, and thirty-one minutes of gold. If you’re into the sweet side of emo, this’ll take care of you. You like the screamo side? Not a problem. This one checks off a lot of boxes on my musical checklist. Take a listen. 
Favorite tracks: “Feel Alive” & “Malfunction”

LYLO – Post Era

Oh yeahhhhhh. This is a groovy lil’ number with some incredible drumming mixed into a sound somewhere between ’80s rock, dream pop, and ambient waves. If you’ve had a long week, and you need something to take it all away, LYLO will do it for you. I only wish it was longer.
Favorite tracks: “You Have Your Father’s Eyes” & “Turn My Jacket”

Sleeping Giant – I Am

Talk about a bitter sweet album. The positive side of it is that the three guys have created a fantastic hardcore/metal album. On the other… it’s their last. With only a handful of shows left before they call it quits, see them live before you can’t. If you want a metal album that’ll get you all kinds of revved up, this’ll do nicely.
Favorite tracks: “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts” & “No Love”

Math and Physics Club – Lived Here Before

I never liked math or physics, but if these guys had a club, I would have joined. The indie rock album is filled with feel-good tunes and just straight up good songwriting. It’s poppy, it’s upbeat, and it’s perfect if you just wanna bob around with a smile on your face.
Favorite tracks: “Take a Number” & “All the Mains Are Down”

Dommengang – Love Jail

While the name may sound like a Belgium beer, the band is not. Their sound on this one swings between electric blues, psychedelic, and desert rock. Needless to say, it’s a unique sound that feels trippy throughout. At forty minutes, it’s just enough to wet your whistle for a cold beer or a road trip somewhere warm.
Favorite tracks: “Stealing Miles” & “Going Down Fast”

Dream Wife – Dream Wife

Pop rocking London punk music from Alice, Bella, and Rakel. If the first song on the album isn’t a perfect opening, I don’t know what is. “Let’s Make Out” is screamed over scuzzy punk rock guitars and from the first song to the last, it never lets go. It slips back and forth between straight up punk, indie rock, and ’90s grunge, and it works. It’s also got some hard-hitting messages throughout. Take note.
Favorite tracks: “Let’s Make Out” & “Taste”

The Dangerous Summer – The Dangerous Summer

After breaking up in 2014, we didn’t think there’s be anymore music from these rockers, but thankfully, they’re back. While the new album has a tinge less of their earlier punk edge, it’ll still get you moving. The four year break sounds like it did nothing but made the boys closer than ever. Put on “When I get Home,” call some friends, and get the weekend started.
Favorite tracks: “This Is Life” & “When I Get Home”

Machine Head – Catharsis

THIS IS HOW YOU START A METAL ALBUM. As the name of the record hints, you’re not in for a light walk through smiles and candy, but it’s somehow beautiful in its own way. With some of the most hard-hitting political lyrics of the year, this one rocks in more ways than one. Oh, and did I mention it’s an hour and fourteen minutes?? Not many metal albums give me goosebumps, but this one is that good. If you like it heavy, stop reading this and go listen. 
Favorite tracks: “Volatile” & “Screaming At The Sun”

See ya in a week!

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