new music friday

This week’s New Music Friday is the epitome of eclectic, bringing punk, to pop, to fusion, to a Grammy-nominated guitar duo. It’s got a little of everything for everyone (and at least two that are politically inspired).

Enjoy the tunes!

The Interrupters – Fight the Good Fight

If you’re into early Rancid, you’ve found a new band to grab onto. These guys have a great edge while still bringing the hooks in their punk rock with a heavy ska influence. The perfect kind of party album to kick off the weekend.
Favorite tracks: “Leap of Faith” & “Got Each Other”

Elle Belle – No Signal

Melancholic pop-rock about the state of the world right now. It’s not a break-up album, but once you start listening, it might just feel like it is. It’s sad, slow, and emotionally crushing at points.
Favorite tracks: “The Witch Is Burning” & “No Signal”

The Blank Tapes – Candy

If you’re looking for a lo-fi, laid-back album with just enough surf rock to keep it interesting, this is it. It’s just a great feeling album with great songwriting, and a feeling like you’re on the beach in California contemplating life.
Favorite tracks: “Let Yourself Get Down” & “Last Night”

Stanley Clarke Band – The Message

Talk about a fusion album! This one brings in everything from funk, to jazz, to hip-hop, to an electronic vibe at points. Looking for a dinner party album that will make you look classy as hell? This is the one you want on. It’s classic, yet brand new, and the piano is other-worldly.
Favorite tracks: “The Rugged Truth” & “Combat Continuum”

The Milk Carton Kids – All the Things That I Did and All the Things That I Didn’t Do

If you’re familiar with this Grammy-nominated acoustic guitar duo, you’re going to be surprised about them bringing in an 8-piece band for this one. But, let me be the first to tell you, they somehow keep their beautiful quietness, even with a room full of people. It’s gorgeous.
Favorite tracks: “Nothing Is Real” & “One More for the Road”

The Essex Green – Hardly Electronic

This album moves forward like a calm train. No doubt about it being indie chamber-pop, but it’s got a contemporary feeling that lets listeners grab onto every hook. It’s also eclectic on the speed-front. Some songs are are upbeat and ready to rock, others calm collected and perfect to chill out to.
Favorite tracks: “Don’t Leave It in Our Hands” & “Catatonic”

Let’s Eat Grandma – I’m All Ears

First off, how about that band name? The album is a super unique mix of avant-pop, electro, and, at points, drone-like bedroom pop. There’s nothing like it out there and the fact that it was made by two teenagers should drum up excitement as to what comes next.
Favorite tracks: “It’s Not Just Me” & “Falling Into Me”

See you in July!

P.S. How is it July already?