new music friday

Just when you thought that it was going to be spring and heat up, mother nature comes in and throws a curveball… Not cool Ms. Nature. Not cool.

But new music is here, so, head into it with these songs blaring.

Prism Tats – Mamba

There’s definitely a bleakness to this one. It’s got this post-apocalyptic post punk vibe to it that isn’t a happy jam, but you still catch yourself tapping your foot and dancing alone. It’s also got a bit of a ’70s British rock sound throughout it that a lot of people will dig. 
Favorite tracks: “Live Like Dogs” & “Vamps” 

Mt. Joy – Mt. Joy

If the Lumineers, Black Keys, and Bob Dylan had a indie folk baby… this would be that baby. It’s a good time that’ll have you stomping along with it. The ukulele stands out on “Dirty Love;” would love to hear more of that island vibe in the future.
Favorite tracks: “Silver Lining” & “Dirty Love” 

Gatecreeper/Iron Reagan – Split

At eight songs and only 18 minutes, this one might be considered an EP. If you’re familiar with the death metal slayers Gatecreeper or the thrash rockers in Iron Reagan, you know what to expect on this one. It unleashes hell on your ears and honestly, I wouldn’t want it any other way.
Favorite tracks: “Take the Fall” & “Dead Inside” 

Soccer Mommy – Clean

The super introspective singer/songwriter debut. Most of the tracks focus on relationships, good, bad, or indifferent. It’s an album that makes you want to ask her, “who hurt you?” and then sway right along with the tunes. Great songwriting and a gorgeous voice.
Favorite tracks: “Your Dog” & “Last Girl” 

The Men – Drift

Brooklyn’s own The Men! This is the most eclectic album on the list this week. Starting off with a dance track then moving into psychedelic jams, then diving into garage rock, punk, and even some acoustic stuff. If you’re looking for a little something for everyone, this album’s got it.
Favorite tracks: “Killed Someone” & “Secret Light” 

Buffalo Tom – Quiet and Peace

It’s been seven long years since their last release, but they’re back. While even the title suggests that they might not be rocking quite as hard and loud as they used to, this one still rocks (albeit calmer). The trio knows how to write a good song, and this is full of 14 of them coming in at 50 minutes.
Favorite tracks: “Lonely Fast and Deep” & “The Seeker” 

Tracey Thorn – Record

Warm, disco covered, electro-pop bangers. Thorn’s got a calming voice that matches perfectly to the music. A big new wave vibe to it all with a heavy disco base will have you dancing the night away. One of my favorites on the album is “Guitar,” but alas, there was no guitar on it.
Favorite tracks: “Dancefloor” & “Guitar” 

Andrew W.K. – You’re Not Alone

We’re going to end this week with the party god himself, Andrew W. K.. It’s been six years since his last album, Mother Of Mankind, but he’s still partying just as hard. And with no surprise, the album starts with him chanting, “party, party, party” and it’s got three songs with “party” in the title. There are also three tracks of spoken-word interludes that make you feel good. Party on.
Favorite tracks: “You’re Not Alone” & “Ever Again” 

See you next week!