new music friday

The next time we chat it will be October. I don’t know where the summer went or September for that matter, but they’re a thing of the past. Thankfully, we’ve got the final New Music Friday to take us into fall with a smile on our faces.

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Joy Formidable – Aaarth

If you’re looking for regular old Joy Formidable, you’re not going to find it here. They’ve driven directly into the eye of experimentation with this one. It’s not bad at all; it’s just a bit more disjointed than earlier albums. It’s a delicious rock album through and through with a bit of a dark edge to it.
Favorite tracks: “You Can’t Give Me” & “The Wrong Side”

St. Lenox – Ten Fables of Young Ambition and Passionate Love

Just. Wow. If you happen to live in Brooklyn, this first song is going to floor you in the best of ways. Listening to the record feels more like a performance than simply a bunch of songs put together. And while it may be a bit over the top, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy every minute of it. Super biographical and fun throughout.
Favorite tracks: “Hashtag Brooklyn Karaoke Party” & “Don’t Ever Change Me New York City”

Tim Cohen – The Modern World

A new solo album by the lead singer of The Fresh & Onlys has been released into the wild. From start to finish, it’s a relaxing indie rock album with a bit of psychedelia mixed in for good measure. It’s probably not the most uplifting album of the week, but then again, neither is the modern world.
Favorite tracks: “Goodness” & “Modern World”

All Them Witches – ATW

Psychedelic blues rock hasn’t sounded this good in years. The album is the perfect mix of jam band energy and lengthy jams mixed in with their bluesy rock. One song even breaks the ten minute mark and could be considered the cherry on top of this album. The whole thing sounds like it could have been plucked from the ’70s.
Favorite tracks: “1st vs. 2nd” & “Harvest Feast”

Hater – Siesta

If you’re looking for a warming, dream-pop album, you’ve found it. The record flows like a stream and never slides off course. While there’s not a lot of diversity throughout, that might be exactly what they were going for. Put it on if you want to relax in any language.
Favorite tracks: “It’s So Easy” & “Things to Keep Up With”

John Butler Trio – HOME

This is the album I’d like to call HOME about. It’s a gorgeous, folky, singer/songwriter record with just a touch of contemporary on a few tracks (specifically “Home,” “Running Away,” and “Brown Eyed Bird”). There’s enough love pumping through this one that they could have easily called it HEART.
Favorite tracks: “Tahitian Blue” & “Coffee, Methadone & Cigarettes”

Aurora – Infections of a different kind

There’s nothing like a surprise album is there? Well, prepare yourself because this is only the first part of the surprise. Next year, she’ll be bringing the second half of the journey. This one is all about empowering the listener and she does a great job doing it. Powerful record and exciting to think what the second half will bring with it.
Favorite tracks: “Queendom” & “All Is Soft Inside”

BONUS EP: Yumi Zouma – EP III

This is a dreamy mix of disco, electro, and pop harmonies. The quartet brings you the perfect album to sway back and forth to with your significant other (or your cats, you do you). Just make it quick, it’s only 14 minutes long.
Favorite track: “Looking Over Shoulders”

See you in October!