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I just thought we needed a lil’ love out there. So if you need it, the title is for you. If not, listen to the music below and let your face melt off, in the super good kind of way.

Boris – Dear

I’m sure that there have been heavier albums, but I can’t think of them after listening to this one. Not only does it have an overarching doom metal focus, but it’s also got some drone and sludge for good measure. Every song but one on the ten track is over five minutes long, and if you’re into hauntingly dark bass worship, this is your jam.
Favorite tracks: “Dystopia” & “Absolutego” 

Sheer Mag – Need to Feel Your Love

When the first track hit, I said to myself, “Ohhhh, this is tasty” and then the lead singer comes in with her almost punk vocals and it brings it all together. The album is straight up good times rock ‘n’ roll with a heavy ’70s feel and definite punk influences. By the time you get through the album, you might just believe Tina Halladay can do anything, especially when she hits on some almost sweet songs like “Until You Find the One” and “Milk and Honey.”
Favorite tracks: “Meet Me in the Street” & “Milk and Honey”

Japanese Breakfast – Soft Sounds from Another Planet

In what could be the perfectly named album, Japanese Breakfast is a perfect bedroom/synth pop album. Her voice is the perfect mix of gentle and charming. While listening to it, I felt like I could see her sitting cross-legged on the floor of a bedroom with stars flying past outside the window. Especially on one of my favs on the album, “Till Death.” I wanna sway back and forth with Michelle.
Favorite tracks: “Road Head” & “Till Death” 

The Telescopes – As Light Returns

Is this what shoegaze would sound like if it was dark? At its base, this is an experiment in sound. With guitar, bass, and almost industrial white noise floating together and combining with vocals that are one with the music. To the untrained ear, it may just sound like noise, but if you really listen, it’s an incredibly complex and dare I say, beautiful album. It’s a record you have to earn, that’s for sure.
Favorite tracks: “Down on Me” & “Hand Full of Ashes” 

Lo Tom – Lo Tom

Some albums you listen to and you think they’re doing something completely new and it blows your mind, this isn’t that album, BUT… I’m not saying that as a negative. It’s an incredible album made by some veteran rockers. They know what they’re doing and you can tell in every song. It’s just good songwriting across the board. If you’re into indie rock, you’ll enjoy this one.
Favorite tracks: “Overboard” & “Find the Shrine” 

Psychic Temple – IV

If you’re looking for an eclectic mix from a psychedelically enhanced collective, you’ve found your album of the week. With dreamy vocals/harmonies and an assortment of guitar, horns, and keyboard this’ll take you on a trip through the cosmos. Each song has a different overall style but a psychedelic backbone that can’t be denied.
Favorite tracks: “Paper Tiger” & “Wait for Me” 

Mura Masa – Mura Masa

A major label debut with songs featuring everyone from A$AP Rocky to Desiigner to Charli XCX. Even though he’s on the big label, don’t fret. His sound is still the same (if not tighter) bedroom-made sound that people love from him. The album pulls from everything from hip-hop to dubstep to trap and the first half of the album has a heavier trop house feel. Overall, it’s a great electro-pop album with some big hitters.
Favorite tracks: “helpline” & “1 Night” 

Silverstein – Dead Reflection

When the lead singer came out with a solo project, River Oaks, I was nervous that Silverstein would be going to the side, but alas, it’s all going to be okay. They’re back. And on their ninth full-length, they’re bringing the goods. It’s got everything we’ve come to expect from the boys with a few stand-out tracks like “Retrograde,” “Lost Positives,” “The Afterglow,” and “Cut and Run.” Screaming: CHECK. Heavy guitar: CHECK. Floating melodic vocals: CHECK. Enjoy.
Favorite tracks: “Retrograde” & “Lost Positives” 

Oh Wonder – Ultralife

This London pop duo will show you exactly what it’s like to be in love with good upbeat synth-y goodness (mostly). While most of it is the happy side of love, the album closes on the other side of things with tear-jerkers “My Friends” and “Waste.” So, maybe skip them at the next party, but the other ten… so much fun.
Favorite tracks: “Ultralife” & “Heart Strings” 

BONUS SINGLE: Sofi Tukker – Fuck They

We talked about this in an earlier article, but honestly… she doesn’t give a fuck about they… whoever “they” is. And it’s a banger. Get your I-don’t-care-what-you-think dancing shoes on.

What’s your favorite on the list?

Dis we miss anything?

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