See kids, before streaming music, mp3s, CDs (compact discs), and tapes, there were records. These glorious vinyl pressings sounded like the rock gods looked down upon us and smiled. For me, they always remind me of home. Not my home in Brooklyn, but the feeling of being home. It’s a warmth that you can’t get from any other format.

That being said, here’s the new music from this week, on Spotify, for you to stream…


Bully – Losing

You can’t help but bounce around to Alice Bognanno’s energetic voice. The album is the perfect mix of early Weezer and late Courtney Love. That ’90s alt-rock vibe with hardcore emotions running the gamut but a gorgeous melodic background throughout. The more I think about it, the more I hear Gwen Stefani from early No Doubt.
Favorite tracks: “Either Way & Feel the Same” 

Trivium – The Sin and the Sentence

Do you even metalcore, bro? Cause, if you do, this album, coming in at just under an hour, is going to rule your world for the next few days. And could someone please check on their drummer? I can only assume he’s been body-snatched by a woodpecker (what I’m trying to say is he’s insanely fast). Honestly, if you like screaming, heavy guitar, and otherworldly drums, stop reading and go listen.
Favorite tracks: “Beyond Oblivion & The Heart From Your Hate” 

Lee Gamble – Mnestic Pressure

Experimental electronic music is one of those genres that you either love or hate, but this album is something different, it’s like you’re transported into a video game soundtrack. It feels like you’re running at breakneck speeds and when you’re not running, you’re floating, mid fall (but never hitting the ground).
Favorite tracks: “Ghost & Quadripoints” 

Lindstrøm – It’s Alright Between Us as It Is

Welcome to the cosmic disco, my friends. This one will have you gliding through the cosmos courtesy of a Norwegian producer. While most of the album is upbeat and ready to dance to, there’s definitely an ominous undertone to the songs, specifically Versatile Dreams, Under Trees, and It’s Alright Between Us as It Is.
Favorite tracks: “Tensions & Bungl (Like a Ghost)” 

Makthaverskan – III

When I saw this cover’s text design, I thought this was going to be metal, but it is not. The Swedish group has a dark indie pop sound that sounds almost like they’re happy about being sad. There’s a definite new wave vibe and vocals that you’ll fall in love with. If you don’t want to dance around a darkly lit room with all black on during this album, we have nothing in common.
Favorite tracks: “Front & Leda” 

Iron Monkey – 9-13

After 18 years, Iron Monkey has come back to, I assume, rip faces off and light things on fire. What can you expect with 666 right there on the cover? This record is the kind of aggression that any doom metal fan can get behind. The pace on these songs isn’t fast or slow, it’s an aggressive march directly into your medulla oblongata, where they set up camp. Listen to at your own risk.
Favorite tracks: “Mortarhex & Doomsday Impulse Multiplier” 

Giraffage – Too Real

The opening track is some baby-makin-music if I’ve ever heard it. Especially with the Barry White-esque sounding, “Yeahhhhh” as the first lyric on the album. It only gets more groovy from there, baby. Slowly hits with “ohhh ahhhh” throughout, but skip 19 Hours if you’re in a lovey mood, cause the lyrics “I’m better off without you” might put a damper on the evening. Across the board, it’s a fun electronic R&B mix.
Favorite tracks: “Do U Want Me & First Breath” 

The Bloody Beetroots – The Great Electronic Swindle

I’ve never been more confused or excited about an album I’ve ever reviewed. Is this the genre-trification that people warned us about? It’s rock, it’s electronic, it’s got Jet attached to it, it’s title is a tribute to the Sex Pistols, and it’s got 20 tracks…TWENTY. Stop what you’re doing and go listen to The Great Electronic Swindle, then write to me on Twitter and tell me what you think. I think I love it.
Favorite tracks: “Wolfpack & All Black Everything” 

Nic Fanciulli – My Heart

10 years in the making, 16 tracks, and the longest album on our list has landed. This record has by far the best flow of anything I’ve heard. This electronic album starts with a whisper, builds and builds, and goes out quietly. This is basically the guidelines you hope that every party you throw follows. That being said, put this on at your next soiree (but then listen again by yourself to really take it all in).
Favorite tracks: “The Perfect Crime & My Love” 

Amenra – Mass VI

If there was a soundtrack that went perfectly with the falling of a massive melee involving axes and large swords, this would be it. If you’re interested in what can almost be considered a sermon of doom, centered around loss, grief, and sadness, this is your beast. I wish I knew what the 23 second second track said in English, though.
Favorite tracks: “Children of the Eye & Diaken” 

Margo Price – All American Made

Can you call someone a legend if she only has two albums? If you can’t, Margo is well on her way. This country album is full of sharp edges and incredible writing (not to mention vocals). As she says in one song, “a little pain never hurt anyone,” but you can hear around every corner that she’s been through some. By the time you reach the end of the story (record) you’ll know there are two legends on this one. Go check it out to see who the other one is.
Favorite tracks: “Weakness & Do Right By Me” 

Foo Fighters – Soldier

Dave asks repeatedly throughout the song, “How could you understand?” and honestly, I don’t. How do Foo Fighters keep putting out new music? It feels like if anything happens in the world, in their life, literally, if anything happens, anywhere, they can write a hit. Beautiful song with some pain behind its puppy dog eyes.

What a week, see you at the end of the month!



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