new music friday

Why are people afraid of clowns? They’re just people with silly makeup on, right? There’s nothing to really fear. New Music Friday is also something you shouldn’t fear.

Would you like to smell my flower here?

*squirts water from flower lapel* 


Okay, time for the tunes!

Empress Of – Us

A super sweet and danceable ten tracks. It’s a very personal album across every song and with lyrics like, “Lace up your Timberlands, step on my heart again,” some of the jams hit ya right in the heart. The focus is all on her voice on this one, and I could see myself relaxing to it all weekend long.
Favorite tracks: “Timberlands” & “I Don’t Even Smoke Weed”

Farao – Pure-O

Is it electronic? Pop-folk? Singer/songwriter dance? Whatever it is, it’s trippy and there’s a bit of a dark edge to it, while still being bright. The synths will get you dancing, the vocals will connect you, and the whole thing will put you in a dreamy trance to float into the fall.
Favorite tracks: “Get Along” & “The Ghost Ship”

Disturbed – Evolution

My teenage self was excited about this one, then as I got deeper into the album, I realized my adult self is pretty excited too. It’s an album that’s unquestionably metal, but swallowable for even those who aren’t into the heavier side of music. It’s a powerful album and could be the perfect soundtrack to an epic winter.
Favorite tracks: “Watch You Burn” & “The Best Ones Lie”

Soulfly – Ritual

B.R.U.T.A.L. This album walks the line of groove metal and death metal with a scalpel and trims up any fat around the edges. It’s a perfect mix of heavy riffs, primal screams, and a funky groove backbone that’ll get you head-bobbing or banging (if that’s your prerogative). Incredible record.
Favorite tracks: “Dead Behind the Eyes” & “Under Rapture”

The Smoking Trees – The Adventure Continues

The first album back after the psychedelic pop duo split and became a solo act. Almost all of the 16 tracks lean toward a sleepy, trippy, “floating through space” vibe. If you’re looking for an upbeat rager, this isn’t it. It’s the perfect calming sound to chill out to after another long week on the grind.
Favorite tracks: “We Can Be Born” & “Skip Softly Through the Fast Lane”

Greta Van Fleet – Anthem of the Peaceful Army

Over a year ago I wrote about these guys being the new Led Zeppelin, and now, they finally have their first full-length. I hoped that it would differentiate them a bit more from the classic rock gods, but it’s more of the same. That isn’t to say it’s not incredible, because it is. It’s just music from a different time and it will be mistaken for you-know-who a lot. That said, I’ll continue marching in their peaceful army.
Favorite tracks: “Lover, Leaver (Taker, Believer)” & “When The Curtain Falls”

BONUS EP: Minus the Bear – Fair Enough

If you’re just getting into Minus the Bear, I’ve got bad news for you. This four track EP is basically a goodbye album as they’re currently on their “Goodbye Tour.” But it’s not over yet and this is gorgeous indie, pop-rock goodness. It’s one of their most accessible albums and a good place for newcomers finally start or for longtime fans to send them off with.
Favorite track: “Invisible”

BONUS EP: Nothing But Thieves – What Did You Think When You Made Me This Way?

At only four tracks, you may think that you’re just in for a quick flash in the pan, but let me be the first to squash that. They’re all hard-hitting rock ‘n’ roll power tracks. Everything from the vocals to the musicianship on this one is pure emotion, and I, for one, want more. A lot of power in a tiny space.
Favorite tracks: “Forever & Ever More”

See you in a week!