Is new music Friday a gift?


Of course… that’s why it’s called the present.


But seriously, there are a ton of awesome new albums today, check’em!

Prong – Zero Days

This is a metal album for the masses. It’s got an interesting mix of thrash, hardcore, and an almost melodic backbone that gives it a more pop-y vibe while still being super hard. It’s the kind of sound that any metalhead could get behind, but rockers won’t have a problem playing it for their friends. Songs like “Divide And Conquer” are right on the cusp of being mainstream. None of this is bad, it just wasn’t what I expected.
Favorite tracks: “Divide and Conquer” & “Zero Days” 

Arcade Fire – Everything Now

This album sounds like LCD Soundsystem hooked up with ABBA and Daft Punk. So, do we define the genre as dance music? Nu-disco? Electro-nu-dance? Meh, you can call it what you want, the album is a fun and it’ll get any party moving while at the same time asking, “Is this new ABBA?”
Favorite tracks: “Signs of Life” & “Electric Blue” 

Juiceboxxx – Freaked Out American Loser

“This is interesting…” was my first thought on this one. The further I dug into this album, the more I liked it. It’s a mix of rock, rap, folk (that’s right), and punk music that vaguely reminds me of Beastie Boys. Overall, the album is a good time, and since it’s so eclectic, there’s not a boring piece when listening through. The only negative I’ve got is that it’s only 21 minutes.
Favorite tracks: “Brutalizing” & “Destruction and Redemption” 

George Fitzgerald – Update

The UK deep house artist is back with a ten track album that comes in at just over an hour. If you’re looking for high energy tracks with an R&B/soul base, you’re going to love this. And seriously, you physically can’t listen to it without moving, so if you’re self-conscious, this isn’t the album you want to throw on in public.
Favorite tracks: “Feel Like” & “Friends in High Places” 

Make Them Suffer – Worlds Apart

Deathcore from down under has arrived. If this album doesn’t make you want to be a drummer, I don’t know what will. It’s aggressive, it’s fast, and headbanging is not a choice, it’s a necessity. The vocals have a range that’s almost scary and with the new addition of Booka Nile, they’ve got the perfect balance of harsh and beautiful. These Australians take musical proficiency to new levels in this one. If you like it heavy, this is your new favorite album.
Favorite tracks: “Vortex” & “Contact” 

Manchester Orchestra – A Black Mile To The Surface

This one’s got the three D’s. Dark, deep, and delightful. There’s not a track on the album that isn’t meticulously crafted indie rock. Yes, it’s a lil’ dark but in a beautifully haunting way. Harmonies are on point, lyrics are incredible, and the band’s overall tightness is something to be praised. This is what indie rock looks like after it has a few years to evolve. Favorite album of the week.
Favorite tracks: “Lead, SD” & “The Silence” 

Two Bonus EPs!

Ikon – Auragami

This six track EP is unquestionably Ikon, but it’s also got a surprising amount of others including E-Will, Rob Lyrical, Ishmael Raps, Ezkiel, Forever Undefined, L.A. VanGogh, AMARA, and Em Jai. The mix of rap, hip-hop, and R&B makes it a super fun, although short (19 minutes), powerhouse of an EP.
Favorite track: “Bet on Me”

Cold War Kids – Los Feliz Blvd

I was surprised when I saw these guys releasing an EP, but after listening, I get it. The album sounds less like CWK and more like Train. Much more focused on the voice instead of the overall music. And what a voice they are, on the first two tracks Nathan Willet and Bishop Briggs have incredible chemistry that you can feel right through your bones. It’s not your run of the mill CWK, but it is incredible.
Favorite tracks: “Love On The Brain”


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