Welcome to the first New Music Friday of the last month of 2017.

I’m glad you’re here.

Make yourself at home, grab a drink, and prepare for lift-off. We’ve got 9 new ones from artists all over the world to heat up your heart while the weather tries to do otherwise.

Let’s do it!

Grayson Capps – Scarlett Roses
If you’re looking for a feel good old school folk, rock, and blues mix, this’ll do you nicely. It’s got everything from Petty-esque rockers to reflective ballads to all out 8+ minute cross country hurricanes. The album feels like it’s all building up to get to “Taos,” which is the masterpiece of the record, with a “Bag of Weed” coming in close second.
Favorite tracks: “Taos” & “Bag of Weed” 

Cindy Wilson – Change

The tin roof is not rusted on this album from B-52’s singer, Cindy Wilson. The title is perfect, because if you’re looking for her other band, it’s not here. This album feels fresh and with the influx of electronics in the background, it could be written by any of the new up and comers, but with 40 years experience in the biz. With wispy vocals the album feels like it floats into your ears.
Favorite tracks: “Brother” & “On the Inside” 

Morbid Angel – Kingdoms Disdained
Look at the album cover and think about what the music will sound like, now make it more aggressive, and heavier, and you might be close to what this beast sounds like. This is straight up legendary death metal that sinks its claws in on track one and does not let go throughout the entire album. Not for the faint of heart.
Favorite tracks: “For No Master” & “The Pillars Crumbling” 

The Just Joans – You Might Be Smiling Now…
A very Scottish indie rock album that hits ya in the heart, is more relatable than it should be, and incorporates some interesting electronics for a completely unique sound. The whole thing is witty without trying and has a pinch of early punk in it that gives a great loose, energetic feel that you can’t help but move with.
Favorite tracks: “I Only Smoke When I Drink” & “Read in Public Places” 

Operation: Mindcrime – The New Reality
I’ve got good news and bad news for you. This is the third album in the trilogy and it’s the last album by Operation: Mindcrime. That’s the bad news, the good news is that it’s good and chimes in at just under an hour. It sounds like David Bowie was mixed with a dark ambient electronic album on top of an theatrical rock album.
Favorite tracks: “Wake Me Up” & “My Eyes” 

Glassjaw – Material Control

It’s been 15 years since their last record. Let that sink in. With this one, there’s something almost menacing about it, not that it’s a bad thing, it’s just different from Worship And Tribute. There are a few songs that they could have left off the 36 minuter, but all in all, those who missed them (not that they ever really left) will be pleased.
Favorite tracks: “closer” & “cut and run” 

STRFKR – Vault Vol. 3

Welcome to the video game soundtrack you’ve been looking for. These 19 tracks go across a lot of different feelings, but most float right between one and two minutes of pure fun. All be it a little disjointed, it’s a sci-fi, cartoony journey, with a happy go lucky vibe that you can listen to to get all revved up.
Favorite tracks: “Sensitive” & “Amiee” 

Heron Oblivion – The Chapel

An excellent name for an album that is completely live from the Chapel in San Francisco. What impressed me the most about this one wasn’t the excellent psychedelic rock musicianship, although it is incredible, it’s the fact that it’s live. Most in studio albums don’t sound this polished. Fuzzy guitars, rolling drums, and shaking vocals that’ll haunt you drive this thing all the way home.
Favorite tracks: “Oriar” & “Your Hollows” 

BONUS EP: Evergreen – Aux Echos

Six tracks with three originals and three remixes. And, the three songs are extremely different, with a mix of ambient, bedroom pop, electronic, and indie rock all rolled into one. The mix of English and French lyrics are a good time and it’s an EP that you can dance or chill to.
Favorite track: “Tongues” 

See you in a week, NMFers!

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