On this, the last New Music Friday of October, I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news. First, the good news, there’s a ton of great new music coming out today (even though I had to awkwardly wade through new Christmas releases). The bad news, this is my last New Music Friday, so I’d better make it a good one…

Etienne de Crécy / Baxter Dury / Delilah Holliday – B.E.D

Lo-fi synth-pop with a mix of emotion, humor, and an odd feeling that the movie Weird Science has a special place in their hearts. The three of them combine their talents perfectly on this one to put together a tight album that drives through your ears like a slow-motion train.
Favorite tracks: “Tais Toi” & “Honestly My Honesty Matters”

Devon Church – We Are Inextricable

It’s dream-pop with an infusion of psychedelic waves, and a voice that’s been weathered so hard, it’s almost smooth. The entire album is full of dark twists and turns and it could possibly be the best Halloween album in the mix without actually being a Halloween album.
Favorite tracks: “Your Father’s House” & “Nothing Is Revealed”

Bad Sports – Constant Stimulation

Fuzzy punk rock perfection. The best part about this album is how it teeters back and forth on the edge of old school rock ‘n’ roll and early punk rock. It’s got anthems, it’s got hard-hitting ballads, and it’s got lyrics that’ll keep you coming back for more. You can’t help but want to move around on the dance floor with this one.
Favorite tracks: “All Revved up to Kill” & “Constant Simulation”

Haken – Vector

Holy cinematic metal, Batman. The first track brings you in slow and says, “You’re going to be safe here, join us.” Then track two comes in and slaps you across the face with pure cinematic progressive metal that splits the difference between Trans Siberian Orchestra and ’80s Nordic metal. Another perfect album for Halloween.
Favorite tracks: “The Good Doctor” & “A Cell Divides”

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – IC-01 Hanoi

If you’re looking for the “regular” UMO, please look elsewhere. This album is nothing like their normal sound. For all intents and purposes, this is an instrumental electro-jazz record with Vietnamese inclinations. It’s fantastic for what it is, it’s just not UMO, so be prepared for something entirely unique.
Favorite tracks: “Hanoi 2” & “Hanoi 7”

Mr Twin Sister – Salt

Slow, steady, smooth, sensual, and satisfying, Salt shows that Mr Twin Sister can mix R&B, electro, funk, and just the right amount of experimentation to create something that’s extremely easy on the ears. It sounds like love songs circling around darkness with almost a Middle Eastern flare.
Favorite tracks: “Buy to Return” & “Jaipur”

Robyn – Honey

If Madonna released this album in the ’80s it would not surprise anyone. It’s a great lil’ dance album with nine tracks of upbeat and emotionally-charged synth-pop. It definitely makes me interested to see what she does in her next release.
Favorite tracks: “Send to Robin Immediately” & “Ever Again”

Daughters – You Won’t Get What You Want

This is the album you put on in your haunted house at full blast and watch as the people come running out, terrified for their lives. It’s some quality industrial noise. While a few of the songs drag a bit (up past seven minutes), most of them hit the nail on the head.
Favorite tracks: “Satan in the Wait” & “Less Sex”

We Hunt Buffalo – Head Smashed In

You can hear from the first song that you’ve stumbled upon some super heavy doom. But as the album spins, the more you hear straight-up hard rock. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely a doom album, but there’s just enough rock that it might sink its teeth into the more mainstream side of things.
Favorite tracks: “Get in the Van” & “Prophecy Wins”

BONUS EP: Blackberry Smoke – The Southern Ground Sessions

If you’re looking for six tracks of classic acoustic southern rock ‘n’ roll, you have landed on some of the best coming out these days. Listening to it, you may forget that you’re listening to a new album. From track one and all the way through, it’s pure classic southern rock.
Favorite tracks: “Run Away from It All” & “Best Seat in the House”

It’s been fun. See you at the show!