new music friday

How creepy is that picture, right? But don’t worry, I’ve picked the best music of the week to counterbalance the weirdness of the photo above. Everything from poppy, to instrumental, to electronic, to storytellers. New Music Friday has a little something for everyone!

Louis Cole – Time

Super unique album that feels like pop, like singer/songwriter, and like dance music. It could be the theatrical soundtrack to all of my teenage years, mixed with chaos, calm, beauty, and a pinch of awkward. It’s a good time nonetheless.
Favorite tracks: “Weird Part of The Night” & “When You’re Ugly”

El Ten Eleven – Banker’s Hill

Instrumental music has a way of creating lyrics out of nothing and this duo is the master of it. No question about it, I’d love a killer singer joining up on a few of the songs, but in no way is it necessary. Check out some of the titles, then make up your own stories as you go. Big fan of this one.
Favorite tracks: “Reverie” & “We Don’t Have a Sail but We Have a Rudder”

Cordovas – That Santa Fe Channel

This is the perfect album to head into a lazy weekend. A massive influence by The Dead, but it feels new and I want it to be my background music for the rest of the summer. Turn up, chill out, tune in, and tune out with these good vibes.
Favorite tracks: “This Town’s A Drag” & “Step-Back Red”

The Beths – Future Me Hates Me

I can’t be the only one dancing like a crazy person at his desk while listening to this, right? It’s infectious, energized, indie rock ‘n’ roll with a classic pop-rock vibe throughout. This “future me” person might hate them, but I find it pretty hard to not love this album. So catchy, might be my favorite of the week.
Favorite tracks: “Little Death” & “You Wouldn’t Like Me”

Bird Streets – Bird Streets

This is the best storyteller of the week, maybe the month. Every song across the 11 tracks is meticulously curated and built out. There’s something familiar about the songs. Then again, they might just be so well written that they connect on another level. If you miss Petty, this album might soothe you for a little bit.
Favorite tracks: “Carry Me” & “Direction”

The Magpie Salute – High Water I

With two guitarists from The Black Crowes, you should have a pretty good idea of what it’s going to sound like. But that doesn’t mean they won’t still blow you away. It’s smooth, southern, bluesy rock ‘n’ roll anyone can get behind. And this is only part one of at least two installments.
Favorite tracks: “Send Me An Omen” & “Can You See”

Tomberlin – At Weddings

Heartbreaking, honest, and beautiful are the words you can’t help but use to describe this debut singer/songwriter album. While listening to it, I kept finding myself turning up the volume because it’s full of such delicate songs, you want to let every tiny piece of it in. She’s somehow written something years beyond a “debut.”
Favorite tracks: “I’m Not Scared” & “Self-Help”

Ben Khan – Ben Khan

A delicious yet chaotic electro-pop album. The album goes from jam-packed dance tracks to calm and quiet electro R&B that will make you want to find someone to sway with, wherever you are. Interestingly, he’s been releasing music for years, but this is his debut full-length. Interested to see what comes next.
Favorite tracks: “our father” & “a.t.w. (against the wall)”

Medasin – Irene

Coming in at a quick 22 minutes, this is the debut full-length from future bass producer, Medasin. Get to know more about this up-and-comer before he leaves on his headlining Irene Tour next month in our interview!
Favorite tracks: “Ramen” & “Slinky Man”

See you in a week!