new music friday

Another week has disappeared, but luckily, now we have a bunch of ducks, neatly stacked and ready to listen to New Music Friday. We’re getting a little stranger every week, aren’t we?

Without further ado!

Family of the Year – Goodbye Sunshine, Hello Nighttime

Effortless indie folk-rock on the softer side of things. If you’re looking for a sweet, sad, 45 minutes of incredible songwriting album, you’ve found it. Throughout it all, there’s the slightest synth touch that’ll get you groovin’. Excellent album after a three-year break.
Favorite tracks: “Latchkey Kids” & “Let Her Go” 

Matt Costa – Santa Rosa Fangs

This one mixes up a healthy cocktail of ’60s, ’70s, and California pop-rock into one. There’s a definite Kinks sound to it and a voice almost reminiscent of Petty. Across the 12 tracks, you’ll have a good time and, don’t worry, the fangs don’t hurt.
Favorite tracks: “Sharon” & “Pacific Grove” 

Beach Slang/Quiet Slang – Everything Matters But No One Is Listening

Take ten tracks from Beach Slang, rearrange them, add piano and strings, and you’ve got Quiet Slang. It’s calmer, it’s got more focus on the lyrics, and it’s beautiful. If you’re hungry for Beach Slang but want to chill, this is an incredible way to do it.
Favorite tracks: “Too Late To Die Young” & “Future Mixtape For The Art Kids” 

Courtney Barnett – Tell Me How You Really Feel

Excellent storytelling across ten tracks. While she’s not reinventing the wheel on the new album, there’s no need. It’s a self-reflective indie rock album from an incredible singer/songwriter. The whole thing feels like it flows from her fingertips, second nature. Also, enjoy the bluesy backbone throughout. Looking forward to what comes next.
Favorite tracks: “Charity” & “Crippling Self Doubt And A General Lack Of Self Confidence” 

Amorphis – Queen of Time

Incredible. This is the mix of death metal and symphonic expression that I love to listen to. It hits the heaviness while giving some of the most impressive musicianship coming out of NMF this week. At points, there’s almost a psy-trance vibe to it. It comes in at over an hour. Thank you for Amorphis, Finland.
Favorite tracks: “The Bee” & “Pyres On The Coast” 

At the Gates – To Drink From the Night Itself

This is the melodic death metal you’re looking for. After the calm, opening track concludes, the album doesn’t let up once. The entire album almost gets behind you and pushes you through itself with growls from the depths of hell and instrumentation from heaven.
Favorite tracks: “Seas of Starvation” & “To Drink from the Night itself” 

Five Finger Death Punch – And Justice for None

You cannot be bored with this one! Every track is a self-reflection of fame, friendship, addiction, rehab, and more. There’s also a cover of Offspring’s “Gone Away” that’s surprisingly touching. From track to track, they flip from over-the-top aggression to gorgeous ballads. Across the board, it’s a fun ride.
Favorite tracks: “Gone Away” & “Sham Pain” 

Ray LaMontagne – Part of the Light
Be it said, I’ve been a LaMontagne fan since 2004’s Trouble and he solidified that fandom with 2009’s Gossip In The Grain. In his newest record, he hits on both the sweetness and depth of his previous work while also surprising many listeners with an electric guitar track that’s pretty aggressive. The album isn’t breaking a lot of new ground, but any LaMontagne fan will appreciate it.
Favorite tracks: “As Black As Blood Is Blue” & “Such A Simple Thing” 

BONUS EP: The Front Bottoms – Ann

Six tracks and twenty-one minutes of classic Front Bottom goodness. Check it out and then find them on their Ann Tour kicking off May 22nd.
Favorite tracks: “Pale Beneath The Tan” & “I Think Your Nose Is Bleeding” 

See you next week, kiddos!