new music friday

Just like the goodest of dogs, this week’s New Music Friday deserves a treat. (Then again, it is a treat.) Listen through and tell us which is your favorite on Twitter!

Let’s do it!

Con Brio – Explorer

Stop what you’re doing and put on the Nirvana cover on this one, track six. You’ve never heard “Heart-Shaped Box” like this. The whole album is just a funky, psychedelic mix of feel-good dance floor jams. Honestly, it’s hard to listen to the album without a smile on your face and at the very least, a solid head bob.
Favorite tracks: “Too Lit 2 Quit” & “Feels Good”

Devildriver – Outlaws ’til The End, Vol. 1

If you’re a country fan and a metal fan, this could be your new favorite record. Twelve country classics from Willie Nelson to Dwight Yoakam are injected with neck-breaking metal and, as the title says, it sounds like this is only the first premonition we’ll get. It’s heavy, it’s a nice tip of the hat, and it’s got a ton of musical guests throughout.
Favorite tracks: “A Thousand Miles From Nowhere” & “A Country Boy Can Survive”

Bodega – Endless Scroll

The post-punk debut from the Brooklyn group. The songs are punchy, simple, and, most importantly, so much fun. Every song on the album pulls you along without letting you have a break to breathe. And there’s a cool ’60s vibe that you’ll groove to.
Favorite tracks: “Jack in Titanic” & “Williamsburg Bridge”

The Nude Party – The Nude Party

Free-spirited ’60s garage rock with a sound mixing up The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan into harmonies and feel-good tracks. This might be their full-length debut album, but honestly, it feels like they’ve been doing it forever. It’s an insanely tight album with fantastic production quality.
Favorite tracks: “Feels Alright” & “War is Coming”

RJD2 – In Rare Form, Vol 2

Mmmmm… if you’re looking for previously unreleased instrumental tracks mixing up hip-hop, electronic, soul, and jazz, you’ve come to the right place. It’s the perfect album to just chill out all weekend to. And don’t worry about it having no vocals, these songs all tell a story without them. Excellent album across all 18 tracks.
Favorite tracks: “The Roaming Hoard” & “See You Leave”

Goosebump – Goosebump

This Toronto art-pop group sounds so familiar yet completely new. There are also a few songs that are just bonkers and silly that split up the more straightforward classic rock sounds the others bring with them. This record could have been released 30 years ago without batting an eye, but we need it today.
Favorite tracks: “We’re a Canadian Band” & “Heather’s Invitation”

Years & Years – Palo Santo

Electro-pop perfection. Across the 14 tracks, it’s hard to find one that isn’t catchy, danceable goodness. The whole album is a conversation across sexuality, experience, heartbreak, and the choices we take throughout them all. Insert slow-clap here.
Favorite tracks: “Don’t Panic” & “Sanctify”

suicideyear – Color The Weather

Fans of his previous work are still going to find a few tracks with the trap and hip-hop stylizations, but, throughout this one, it’s much more contemplative. He builds a plethora of almost otherworldly landscapes to travel through. Also, the muffled piano throughout is gorgeous.
Favorite tracks: “7 Year Dream” & “Said and Done”

See you in a week!