Coming to work this morning was possibly the coldest journey I’ve ever taken. Thankfully, I got to my desk and found these gems waiting to warm me up.

Things are only getting hotter.

Here’s 10 for the 10th.

Greta Van Fleet – From The Fires

For the long version of this, check out our track by track review, here. But this double EP of 8 songs is the closest the rock world has ever got to Led Zeppelin, without being Led Zeppelin. Adding four tracks to their streaming repertoire, you hear that they’re just getting better. This album raises the bar and makes me wonder where they’ll go next.
Favorite tracks: “Safari Song” & “Talk On The Street” 

The Soap Opera – Ready to Hatch

Feel good indie pop with an older, ’60s vibe to it. Musically, a lot of the songs have an almost Beach Boys vibe, but the vocals on top of it make for a very different record. If you want to feel like you’re at a beach party just when it starts getting cold, this is your jam.
Favorite tracks: “No Hullabaloo” & “To All the Newbies” 

Dawn People – The Star is Your Future

Sampling gymnastics should be a sport, because Dawn People would medal in it. No doubt about it, the album is choppy, and sounds like a hodge podge of different sounds, but that’s what makes it fun. Seeing how someone can build something all their own with this many samples is incredible.
Favorite tracks: “Never Be Afraid” & “Chew on Air” 

Gun Outfit – Out of Range

If you’d like a deep meditation out in the middle of the desert, this is your album of the week. It’s the perfect mix of excellent songwriting, dueling male and female vocals, and an all-encompassing indie western soundtrack. It’s dark, it’s brooding, and it’ll take you on a deep journey.
Favorite tracks: “Strange Insistence” & “The 101” 

Quicksand – Interiors

This album has been 22 years in the making. Let that sink in. This is the post-hardcore we knew well in the ’90s and it still holds up today. After such a long time you’d think that they might lose their synergy, but that’s definitely not the case. The album is tight and exactly what 2017 never knew it always needed.
Favorite tracks: “Sick Mind” & “Under The Screw” 

M.E.S.H. – Hesaitix

If I needed a soundtrack to exploring ancient Egyptian ruins, I think this would play out nicely. It’s got an incredible beat and an ominous feeling throughout. Around every corner, someone might jump out and grab you, but you welcome it, and you keep moving forward.
Favorite tracks: “Mimic” & “Diana Triplex” 

Shed Seven – Instant Pleasures

If you were fans of these guys back in the day, you know that they haven’t had any new tunes out in a good ten years. Well, welcome them back. They’re tighter than ever and bringing the old Britpop sound back strong. This will make long-time fans happy, and I’m sure, introduce many more to listen up.
Favorite tracks: “It’s Not Easy” & “Nothing to Live Down” 

Witchery – I Am Legion

From the first song, you know you’re in for something special. Metalheads, rejoice, because this is heavy, blackened metal, perfection. At points, this album will make you feel possessed, and it couldn’t feel cooler. If there were demons in the world, this is what they would sound like, backed with incredible musicianship.
Favorite tracks: “True North” & “Amun-Ra” 

Petit Biscuit – Presence

Welcome to the full-length follow up to 2015’s EP. This album is gorgeous. Just don’t think about his birthday coinciding with the release, he just turned 18. That’s right. This much talent shouldn’t be possible at his age, but alas, it is. The 14 tracks span just 7 minutes under an hour, and there’s not a song on it that electro pop fans won’t embrace. The title of the album is also appropriate and his presence is definitely felt.
Favorite tracks: “Wake Up” & “Sunset Lover” 

BONUS SINGLE: Empire of the Sun – On Our Way Home

5 tracks are split up over 15 minutes on this surprise EP, announced yesterday. Two of the tracks are remixes of song number 2, “Way To Go,” by Cornelius and Gomez & Tritter. But even though 3 of the 5 songs are based around one song, they each own their spot on the EP. This Australian electro pop duo is definitely falling into a good groove with this one.
Favorite tracks: “On Our Way Home” 

See you in a week,


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