Think about it. It’s a solid argument. Right?

Also, I’m probably biased, but this list has everything: rock, rap, gospel, collabs, albums, an EP, a single. If you don’t find something you like here, write to me directly. <3

Happy Friday!


The Mountain Goats – Goths

Woah. This album starts darker than most Mountain Goat albums and I kinda love it. It’s called Goths, so I guess that makes sense. It’s a concept album based around the West Coast goth scene in the 80s and 90s. Wearing Black, growing up, and moving on. Favorite tracks: Rain in Soho & Stench of the Unburied

Wavves – You’re Welcome

If you’re looking for high-energy bedroom pop, you’ve found your new favorite album. Almost every song has a quiet start that you may think you have to turn up the volume for, but wait for it, and the catchy indie rock will grab ya after a few seconds. Favorite tracks: Stupid in Love & Exercise

Jane Weaver – Modern Kosmology

This album dives right into your psyche and circles around the synapses of your brain like a race car. It’s a singer/songwriter album put through a synthesizer. Some tracks sound like you’re directly transported into a video game with a female lead dictating every move. Favorite tracks: H>A>K & Loops In The Secret Society

Jlin – Black Origami

This is an electronic music album like you’ve never heard before. While listening, you may feel that the music is more inclined to be used as the backdrop of a dance performance rather than a dance track for the club. But don’t get me wrong, you’ll still be dancing. Favorite tracks: Black Origami & Never Created, Never Destroyed

BMX Bandits – BMX Bandits Forever

At its most simple description, this is a soft rock love album. With 10 originals, 4 collabs, and a cover of Marcos Valle (Mais Do Que Valsa) and the Beach Boys (Forever), the record covers a ton of ground. Favorite tracks: Life Without You & It’s In Her Eyes

The Como Mamas – Move Upstairs

A Gospel album? That’s right. If you’re looking for some Mississippi blues, this album will destroy you (in the best way). This trio of gospel singers will break your heart with a smile you can hear throughout every song. Favorite tracks: Move Upstairs & Count Your Blessings

She-Devils – She-Devils

The Montreal art pop duo is here for their full-length debut. The album covers a gamut of feelings and flavors while sticking true to the bands obvious French pop/surf rock influences. The songs are complex across the board, but easily digestible (is this an album review or a wine tasting? Possibly both). Favorite tracks: Hey Boy & Darling

Feed Me – Feed Me’s Existential Crisis EP

Not a song under 5 minutes on this beast from mau5trap records. This is the kind of record that you’re going to want good headphones or speakers for, because the detail in each track is incredible. And we’re not only talking about nice bass, it performs audio acrobatics with deep tracks layered with sharp as glass after effects. Favorite track: Beans Baxter

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Daddy Issues – Deep Dream

Kurt Cobain would be proud. This is an album plucked directly from 90’s grunge. Songs like Dog Years and Dandelion could have been written 20 years ago and only now released. If you’re looking for a bit of nostalgia, an oddly familiar feeling, and angsty alt rock about relationships, you’ll be in your happy place, here. Favorite tracks: In Your Head & Dog Years

Grabbitz – Things Change

Is it drum n’ bass? Is it pop? Is it hip-hop? Yes. High energy and good times fills the album with “A Tragic Interlude” before the final song, What I’m Going Thru, which is my favorite on the album. Another favorite: Love Like That (Let You Down)

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Vince Staples – Big Fish

June 23rd can’t come soon enough with the first single off of Big Fish Theory dropping on Thursday. It’s got the perfect mix of west coast funk and hip-hop. You can tell he’s having fun while he’s doing it and if you watch the video for the song you’ll also see him singing about being a “Big Fish” while on a sinking ship.

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