The first band actually is lovely… so, I’m not gonna dilly-dally around this week. I’m super excited about what’s below, let’s dive right into it.

lovelytheband – everything i could never say… EP

I’ve been a fan of this guy’s voice for years now. His other band Oh Honey, is every relationship’s dream soundtrack. But when I heard Mitchy Collins was breaking off to do this project, I was pumped to see where it’d go. The band released “broken” back in April and it has the same relationship focus that Oh Honey had, but instead of sweet, it makes the listener ask, “who hurt you?” After that first track, the rest of the EP is an upbeat good time with a much heavier pop focus than previous work. Kick off your weekend right now with this one.
Favorite tracks: “broken & make you feel pretty” 

The Bronx – BRVNX (V)

YUSSSSS! Sorry, but this is perfection. If you have an inclination for hard rock, hardcore, punk, or metal, go listen to this immediately. I’ve had a chance to see their alter ego, Mariachi El Bronx, but this record is straight fire. You can hear the influences of classic rock, blues, and just good ol’ rock n’ roll music with an added scream that is possibly one of my favorite out there. It’s like a classic rock record made love to the hardest punk rock you could find and then it was produced by a blues man. Nothing but love for this.
Favorite tracks: “Sore Throat & Past Away” 

Kölsch – 1989

No, this doesn’t have anything to do with Taylor Swift. Sorry, just had to get that outta the way. The Danish techno producer has put out two albums before this, titled 1977 and 1983, to signify different stages of his life. 1989 is all about his teenage years, his parents divorce, and it’s an emotional electronic album. Possibly one of the most emotional I’ve come across. Through every track, you can almost visualize what he was going through. Definitely not a banger, but something any electronic fan could get behind.
Favorite tracks: “Serij & PUSH” 

Wolves In The Throne Room – Thrice Woven

This lil beast only has five songs, but four of the five are over eight minutes long, and one tops out at 11:30. That being said, after their last album, many fans thought they were done with black metal, even though they disagreed repeatedly. This record proves that they are in fact, NOT done with black metal. This one chimes in with everything from chanting, to demonic growls, to what I can only assume is a coven of witches (but beautiful vocals none the less). Hit this one up for your next rituals for the perfect accompaniment.
Favorite tracks: “The Old Ones Are with Us & Fires Roar in the Palace of the Moon” 

Eric Copeland – Goofballs

Experimental anything is always a touchy subject in the music world. Most of the time, you’ll either hate it or love it, there’s no middle ground. In this case, Eric has a good time with the music and so did I. It’s bouncy, it’d old school, and it has a fuzziness to the songs that gives it a lo-fi, ground floor feeling. This one’ll get you moving no matter where you listen.
Favorite tracks: “Neckbone & Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo” 

Cut Copy – Haiku from Zero

If you’re looking for an album you can dance to with beautiful vocals floating over the top (but never hitting you over the head), this is your jammy wham. Overall, it’s an extremely confident album that’ll most likely put a smile on your face and might just remind you of a new-wave disco floor. Put this one on at a party and everyone will have a good time (although this has not been tested, yet).
Favorite tracks: “Memories We Share & No Fixed Destination” 

Lights – Skin&Earth

I’ve heard of concept albums before, but this one takes the cake. Lights taught herself to draw and produced her own six-issue comic book series while working on the record. The 14 tracks correlate to chapters within the book, so pick it up and listen along. At the end of the day, it’s an incredibly well produced pop album with electronic tones that’ll get you bobbing around while reading the comics or on the dance floor.
Favorite tracks: “Kicks & Fight Club” 

Steve Martin – The Long-Awaited Album

Steve Martin is a legend in the comedy world, but the guy can pick a banjo with the best of’em. The backbone of the band is built on the Steep Canyon Rangers already impressive career, but Steve really opens up on this one, cracking jokes throughout the impressive bluegrass album. The fingerpicking is incredible, Martin’s voice is exactly what you’d expect, and the band is top grade, A+ bluegrass at its best. Listen to this on the porch with your friends.
Favorite tracks: “All Night Long & Office Supplies” 


That’s all for this week.

See you at the end of the month!

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