Not excited for the Ariana Grande album this week? No sweat, there’s plenty more albums worth your time this New Music Friday.

Check ’em out.

Jessica Pratt – Quiet Signs

Jessica Pratt’s album accomplishes the rare phenomenon of filling emptiness with meaning without overly complicating her sound. Already critics are saying ‘Quiet Signs’ is a huge competitor for album of the year, and it’s only February. This is contemporary folk at its finest.


Somewhere between noise rock and electronic lies HEALTH. This new album is brooding, varied, and grim, much like all the music this trio puts out.

AJ Tracey– AJ Tracey

Move over, 21 Savage, there’s a new British rapper in town. On his debut self-titled LP, AJ Tracey brings back his “bold bars, cheeky punchlines and metaphors, and authentic grime flow, married with trap and hip-hop influenced instrumentals” that graced his 2017 EP.

Pavo Pavo – Mystery Hour

As the sophomore album from Pavo Pavo, this psych-pop does not disappoint. As Pitchfork puts it: “It’s not hard to fall for their baroque synthesizer flourishes or the occasional dramatic trill of strings.”

Talos – Far Out Dust

Irish artist Talos evokes intimate yet epic soundscapes in this album. The album is hauntingly beautiful and difficult to describe, giving off similar vibes to Iceland’s Sigur Ros.

Panda Bear – Buoys

Somewhere in the land of Surf pop, psychedelic folk, and folktronica, lands Panda Bear’s clear, direct voice on this album.