new music friday fire extinguisher

Because it’s fire. That’s what the kids are saying these days, right? If it is, then let me be the first to say that today’s New Music Friday is FIRE!

What’s your favorite on the list?

Wake the Sun – Through the Night

The debut album from these guys is on point. It’s got an incredible mix of straight-up blues rock to almost a funky pop R&B sound. It’s nine tracks of pure emotion and I can’t wait to see where they go from here. Check out the interview we did with them to find out even more!
Favorite tracks: “40 Days” & “Pink Neon”

Rebelution – Free Rein

This is the perfect party album. It’s basically 43 minutes of feel-good reggae with nothing but positivity and smiles. It looks like they are incapable of hitting a slump and just keep putting out gold.
Favorite tracks: “Settle Down Easy” & “Legend”

Fantastic Negrito – Please Don’t Be Dead

Apparently, fame hasn’t changed Fantastic Negrito, because after winning the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Blues Album last year, he’s back with another hard-hitter. And yeah, it’s blues, but it’s so much more than that. It’s political, it’s soulful, and it’s completely unique. Bravo.
Favorite tracks: “A Boy Named Andrew” & “Transgender Biscuits”

Chromeo – Head Over Heels

If you’ve liked what they’ve done so far, you’re going to love this. Not because it’s the same, but because it takes it all up a notch. Bring on DRAM, French Montana, Stefflon Don, Amber Mark, and The Dream to create 12 tracks of summer hits, one after another.
Favorite tracks: “Must’ve Been” & “Room Service”

R+R=NOW – Collagically Speaking

Can you mix the sounds of soul, funk, hip-hop, and electronic? Yes. And Robert Glasper assembled a jazz supergroup to do just that. This is a tasty album, and coming in at an hour and 13 minutes, you’ve got plenty of time to take it all in.
Favorite tracks: “Reflect Reprise” & “HER=NOW”

State Champs – Living Proof

I don’t know how to say it any other way than, this is the best pop-punk coming out today. Period. The writing, the vocals, the instrumentation, and just hard-hitting song after hard-hitting song. Prepare to hear them a lot all summer long. They are the champs.
Favorite tracks: “Dead and Gone” & “Cut Through the Static”


They’re back, but this time, it’s with a full LP! The shoegazers bring a little more garage edge to full-length and it’s a welcome addition. The album has an incredible sound that’s airy while somehow urgent.
Favorite tracks: “Wild Flower” & “Age of Enlightenment”

BONUS EP: Deaf Poets – Change & Bloom

I still can’t understand how only two guys make this much noise. It’s gritty, it’s heavy, and its got a great psychedelic rock vibe across six tracks. When you’re done listening, check out the interview we did with them about the album and tour!
Favorite track: “Change & Bloom”

BONUS EP: Protomartyr – Consolation

The Michigan post-punk rockers are back with a four-song, 14 minute EP. And in those 14 minutes, they jam-pack a TON of tension and abstract lyrics that will make you think. It’s not an “easy” EP, but it’s something that needs to be heard.
Favorite track: “Wheel of Fortune”

BONUS SINGLE: Makari – “Transient”

I really hope this is the first track they’re releasing on a larger EP or album because this is the post-hardcore we all deserve.

See you next week!