Fat White Family – Serf’s Up! 🛡

Serfs Up! is not a record for anyone lacking a thick top layer of skin. Calling the lyrics “edgy” would be like calling Jean Genet a children’s book author. The subject matter is profoundly dark, but the songs somehow come across as lithe and inviting.“ – Exclaim!

Lolo Zouaï – High Highs to Low Lows 🎢

”Drawing influence from classic R&B, Rai music, and Bay Area hip-hop, Zouaï has developed this magical power to have us completely in our feels with her passionate lyrics, while still throwing it back to her spectacularly produced songs with equally lively melodies.” – Ones To Watch

Kelsey Lu – Blood 🔴

”A softness permeates the music of classically trained cellist and songwriter Kelsey Lu. Not the softness of background muzak or meditative introspection, but a concentrated, purposeful mood – one teased out by billowing melodies, bowed beneath her crystalline vocals.” – The Guardian

Wand – Laughing Matter 🤡

”As they pare away at their sound, Wand move further away from psych-rock and closer to true psychedelia. ” – Pitchfork

Drugdealer – Raw Honey 🍯

“You could spend all day trying to pin-point which 70s reigning band Drugdealer sounds like – instead, just enjoy what Collins has created, which is wonderful and brilliant. There’s nothing frivolous or disjointed about Raw Honey, The Californian-baked masterpiece is a force to be reckoned with and a real triumph.“ – The Skinny