New Music Friday has really packed in some great new releases this week.

If you’ve already finished listening to Billie Eilish’s new album, here’s a round up of some smaller artists with new albums you should listen to.

Kiwi Jr. – Football Money

Kiwi Jr. is a youthful, country tinted jangly pop album that invokes a careless charm in these East Coast transplants who recently moved to Toronto.

White Denim – Side Effects

Alt Rock troubadours White Denim have released their second album in a year, and it’s a wide ranging, eclectic collection of punk, funk, cosmic rock, acid jazz, and pretty much every other genre under the Sun.

Joni Void– Mise En Abyme

Welcome to the world of improv and avant garde. This sophomore electronic album by Joni Void is innovative, abstract, and composed of ambient noises.

Quelle Chris– Guns

Brooklyn based rapper Quelle Chris tackles the issue of guns in America on this experimental hip hop album. The smooth sonic stylings of this album juxtapose nicely with his flow.

Floating Points – Late Night Tales: Floating Points

U.K. label Late Night Tales often has artists curate these long mixes, and jazzy mastermind Floating Points did not disappoint. This 80 minute mix is filled with underground downbeat soul, ambient and dusty folk.

UNKLE – The Road: Part II / Lost Highway

This album, the second part in a trilogy work, is “a patchwork of disparate moods – from discordant shoe-gaze to stripped back soul – is woven into a cohesive whole.”