new music friday

We’ve possibly got a superhero situation on our hands New Music Friday listeners! If you’re looking for the best music hitting the streams this week, you have found it. And you don’t need any superpowers to enjoy.

Dir en Grey – The Insulated World

Are you looking to get some aggression out? If so, this is exactly what the doctor ordered. You can’t help but want to mosh as soon as the first track hits. Also, unless you speak Japanese, you’re not going to understand the lyrics, but don’t let that stop you from jamming out. Incredible stuff.
Favorite tracks: “Utafumi” & “Keibetsu to Hajimari”

Jerry Paper – Like a Baby

If you’re looking for some healthy crooner music, this is your album. It’s funky, it’s lounge-y, and it makes you wanna slow dance. The record could have been released 50 years ago as easily as today and no one would bat an eye. It’s beautiful and just upbeat enough to keep you moving all weekend long.
Favorite tracks: “Commercial Break” & “A Moment”

Hands Like Houses – Anon.

Not what I was expecting, but definitely something I can get behind. It’s post-hardcore and some of the band’s poppiest work yet. The vocals have been taken to another level on this one, and listening to it, I feel like this is the perfect band to fill up a stadium.
Favorite tracks: “Kingdom Come” & “No Man’s Land”

Matthew Dear – Bunny

This is a beast of an album at over an hour and it’s a bit weird (in the best of ways). You could describe it as walking through a haunted house, but you’re friends with all the ghosts. It’s got a huge sound with vocals that have a bit of Bowie-esque vibe to them. You can’t help but bounce around to this one.
Favorite tracks: “Bunny’s Dream” & “Electricity”

Kurt Vile – Bottle It In

This guy can’t do wrong in my book. He’s just an incredible singer/songwriter and with every album he takes his craft up one more level. This one’s got enough psychedelic vibes to get you feeling wavy. Great songwriting like this will never die. Well done.
Favorite tracks: “Bassackwards” & “Yeah Bones”

Atreyu – In Our Wake

Oh Atreyu, how I love thee. There’s something about their music that just grabs onto you and doesn’t let go. It’s hardcore, but it’s melodic. It’s poppy, but it’s niche. And it’s got more hooks than a tackle box. This might be my favorite album of the week… possibly of the month. Gotta see these guys in person.
Favorite tracks: “House of Gold” & “Anger Left Behind”

BONUS EP: Iron Reagan – Dark Days Ahead

Straight up BRUTAL. And they somehow jam five songs into the super short seven minute and 51 second EP. They’re quick, they’re aggressive, and it feels like a lot longer than it is. If you’re looking for a moshpit, welcome to your soundtrack.
Favorite track: “Authority”

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See you in a week!