new music friday

I said it. And after I said it, I listened to it all and wrote about what I heard. I hope ewe enjoy!

I’ll see myself out.

Snow Patrol – Wildness

It’s been seven years since their last record and twelve years since we were “Chasing Cars.” Over that time, the band has definitely evolved. On this one, there’s a much more dance-y vibe and it’s, dare I say, hopeful. If you’re into U2 and Coldplay, this’ll be right up your alley.
Favorite tracks: “Don’t Give In” & “A Dark Switch” 

Wooden Shjips – V.

Mmmmm… this is the fuzzy psychedelic rock you’re looking for. From track one, you’re transported back to the ’70s and only go deeper as we get into the album. Pretty sure “Staring At The Sun” is a Buffalo Springfield cover with different words, but overall, it’s a calming good time.
Favorite tracks: “Eclipse” & “Redline” 

Oliver Koletzki & Niko Schwind – Noordhoek

The German producer Oliver Koletzki connected with a frequent collaborator Niko Schwind and headed to South Africa to create a super unique tribal-influenced album. There’s definitely a good bit of house sensibility in this one. At an hour and thirty-three minutes, you’ve got time to relax.
Favorite tracks: “Get Loose” & “Subati” 

Jonathan Davis – Black Labyrinth

This may be his debut solo album, but you’ll immediately recognize the front man from Korn. It’s dark, it’s creepy, and, at times, it’s uncomfortable, but it’s unmistakably Jonathan Davis. If you’re missing Korn, or just wanna get a little industrial groove in your ears, this one will serve you up a treat.
Favorite tracks: “What You Believe” & “Final Days” 

Hoobastank – Push Pull

It’s been 14 years since The Reason. Let that sink in. At its core, this new release is a love album with funky pop hooks, but above all, the production on this one is impeccable. Don’t look for the old-school crunchy rock from their past though. But either way it’s an incredibly well-written album that showcases Doug Robb’s voice.
Favorite tracks: “Buzzkill (Before You Say Goodbye)” & “More Beautiful” 

J Balvin – Vibras

Get your dancing shoes ready, because you can’t help but groove to this reggaeton album from Latin superstar J Balvin. When I say superstar, I mean it, his “Mi Gente” video now has 1.8 billion views. If you don’t know Spanish, you’re gonna want to learn.
Favorite tracks: “Mi Gente” & “Machika” 

Welshly Arms – No Place is Home

Wow. I’ll call this right now, this band is going to blow up. The mix of bluesy rock to pop to dance all in one record is going to blow people away. Honestly, there’s not a bad song on this one. Stop reading and go listen.
Favorite tracks: “Indestructible” & “Legendary” 

BONUS EP: Candlemass – House of Doom

At just under 20 minutes, this one is a heavy-hitting metal album with a heavy doom vibe. The biggest surprise on the record is track three, it’s a beautiful acoustic ballad that shows off the musicianship and vocal capabilities. Don’t worry, this EP is only preparing fans for the full-length, coming soon.
Favorite tracks: “Fortuneteller” & “Flowers of Deception” 

See you next week!