Låpsley – These Elements EP

“Rhythmic elements run through an ambient electronic and soulful sound which emanate from this four-track musical release. Unique beats and clicks keep the listener engaged and interested in hearing what’s next.” – Spill Magazine

Avey Tare – Conference of Birds/Birds of Disguise EP

“Animal Collective co-founder Avey Tare chases up ‘Cows on Hourglass Pond’ with a new suite of distinct sides revolving studio recordings of live fan favourites he debuted during solo tours” – Boomkat

Arlo Parks – Sophie EP

“Sophie is a collection of poetic numbers wrapped with discontent, a fleeting sense of misery, hopefulness, and sealed together with a profound sense of wisdom for a recently-turned 19-year old. The project has this unique feeling akin to standing atop the tallest building in New York on a rainy day: a limitless being tempted with a sense of flightlessness, a grainy visual somehow bestowing an immaculate sense of clarity. ” – Ones To Watch

Isla Den – Acid Dream EP

“Acid Dream … explores existentialism in the digital age and loneliness in virtual space. The opening track of the project, “EccoPortal”, is an ethereal and introspective cut which despite its languidness draws from the underground club and rave cultures.” – High Clouds

North Downs – Dad’s Old Tapes EP

“Across the collection of songs, North Downs joined forces with Laura Lee and Mark Speer of Khruangbin, instrumentalist Jake Bright, drummer Dan Chappell, Andreya Triana and Maribou State as they deftly traverse genres at each turn – from blues to electronic to funk, all underpinned with indie drums and guitar; the collaborative nature of how this new music is created is paramount.” – With Guitars