Tycho – Weather 🌾

“Tycho’s music has always been difficult to classify. Too upbeat to be truly ambient, but nonetheless fulfilling a similar purpose in its undeniable chillness. The characteristic clean guitar motifs have shades of post-rock about them, the samples and beats reminiscent of chillwave electronica, while all awash in a mellow haze of delay and reverb making it all feel somehow like drone music. With it all together, it seems lead creative force Scott Hansen has happened upon a magic recipe. ” – Glide Magazine

K.Flay – Solutions 💫

“The album presents a very personal and introspective take on the rapper turned alt-pop singer-songwriter. The album is less of a stylistic transformation, instead showing a natural progression of Flaherty’s sound. The hip-hop flow is still there, but it manifests far more melodically and lyrically than K.Flay’s past overt rap delivery.” – Riff Magazine

Banks – III 🍱

“With her latest album, III, Banks seems eager to reestablish her footing and take greater creative risks. While she can’t always shake the anodyne songwriting that plagued her past work, it’s still her best album to date.” – Pitchfork

Nathan Bajar – Playroom 🏞

“Brooklyn based photographer and musician Nathan Bajar comes through with a brand new album titled Playroom. Known for his incredible photography portraits of super talented artists such as Lakeith Stanfield, Anna Wise, Wiki, Sampha among many others, Nathan has delved into music, creating a fuzzy, guitar-heavy lo-fi album that sounds moody and groovy at the same time.” – In Search of Media

Blood Orange – Angel’s Pulse 🎈

“Avant-garde R&B singer-soundmaker Devonté Hynes, working as Blood Orange, wills together the beautiful and the ugly; the uplifting and the depressing. He’s like a stage director, managing a cast entirely made up of indescribable emotions from an art house bootleg of Pixar’s Inside Out, all of which he wonderfully and effortlessly choreographs. Each song rambles on in its own beautiful way, almost as if it doesn’t care whether you’re listening to it or not.” – Highsnobiety