new music friday

Head into a holiday packed weekend (Record Store Day & Earth Day) with a ton of bands releasing albums after insane holes in their discography. We’re talking 14, 15, and 44-year gaps! But don’t worry, they still got it. ūüėČ

Let’s do this!

A Perfect Circle – Eat the Elephant

In no way is this Judith-era A Perfect Circle. Then again, that album came out just shy of 20 years ago, so why would it? The lyrics are sharper than ever, hitting on everything from gun violence to technology. It’s a strong album and a welcome addition to their discography after 14 years sans album.
Favorite tracks: “TalkTalk” & “Delicious”

Black Stone Cherry – Family Tree

Looking for some crunchy southern rock ‘n’ roll with a soul-filled bluesy vibe? Look no further. This record is a tightly knit thirteen songs that span almost a full hour and there’s not a bad track on it. It could have been released in the ’70s as much as it was released today and still feel at home. Grab a whiskey before you throw this one on.
Favorite tracks: “Family Tree” & “Bad Habit”

Shuggie Otis – Inter-Fusion

Gather ’round children. Shuggie’s last studio album came out before you were born (probably). It’s been 44 years to be exact. But this guitar virtuoso hasn’t lost an ounce of skill. It’s eight tracks and 41 minutes of instrumental fusion rock. If you’re into funk, blues, soul, and rock ‘n’ roll, this’ll¬†take you into the weekend with a smile.
Favorite tracks: “V8” & “Aphelion”

Lord Huron – Vide Noir

The first song is called “Lost in Time and Space” and the title of the album can be translated to “black void.” If you have those two things in your mind, then you’ll be prepared for this one. It’s darker than the previous two albums and louder (while somehow also being quiet).
Favorite tracks: “Ancient Names (Part II)” & “Back from the Edge”

Sleep – The Sciences

If you’re a stoner metal fan, you already know all about Sleep, but you may not know that they haven’t released an album since 2003’s Dopesmoker. It’s only six tracks, but they pack a punch coming in at 53 minutes. My only problem with this album is the first song, if you can call it that. Everything else is stoner¬†metal gold.
Favorite tracks: “Giza Butler” & “Marijuanaut’s Theme”f

Thievery Corporation – Treasures from the Temple

This one is a companion to their 2017 album¬†Temple of I & I¬†with new songs and remixes from their time at Gee Jam Studios In Jamaica. With a good mix of rap, reggae, electronic, and soul, it’s got a lil’ something for everyone.
Favorite tracks: “Music to Make You Stagger” & “Joy Ride”

BONUS EP: Sean McVerry – Private Lives

This guy is a Jukely favorite and the new album takes him in an all-new direction that you’re going to want to dance to. Think of the album as a high school dance party in a movie from the ’80s and you’ll crack a smile throughout the whole thing. It’s straight up, feel-good, synthy pop tunes that highlight McVerry’s gorgeous vocals. Can’t wait to see where he goes next.
Favorite tracks: “So Certain” & “Get Real”

See you next week!