…And we’re back!

If you’re looking to gear up some new tunage for those killer Friendsgiving parties you’re planning on having next week, then look no further my friends. We’ve gone ahead and posted our 7 favorite releases of this past week (we’re ultra excited about the new Justice album) for you to take into consideration for your playlist.

Head on over to Twitter, and let us know which ones you’ll be playing, or what releases you think we should be listening to.

FOR THOSE WHO: are very calculated in all of their maneuvers. They are both a suave, smooth-talking cat who likes to woo the date of the hour, as well as a throw-down at 3AM late night rabble rouser, and may need an album that cater to both personalities.


FOR THOSE WHO: know how to cut. a. rug.
Dawn Richard – Redemption

FOR THOSE WHO: like a wide range of electronic sound found in one, sole album. Fusions of dub, EDM, R&B and melodic, soulful vocals tie into a thought-provoking, emotional, and dance-infused album.

E-40The D-Boy Diary

FOR THOSE WHO: are sick of the oversaturated rap culture and need to reign it back, and tap back into the basics. What’s better than kicking back to some brand, spanking new E-40. NOTE: This is a 44-track gem. We suggest setting some serious time aside in order to really soak it in.
Highly SuspectThe Boy Who Died Wolf

FOR THOSE WHO: need an album to angrily, and emotionally smoke the hell out of a cigarette to.
Aaron camperBlow

FOR THOSE WHO: need a bit of a soulful sonic side-kick to accompany them on this painstakingly exciting and brutal journey through love, and life.
Jai WolfKindred Spirits

FOR THOSE WHO: need an album to completely disengage to. Something that is all parts retro, whimsical, light hearted, but inspiring.