This week was incredible, we had the longest day of the year kick off summer, a DJ may have revealed who Banksy is, and today is NEW. MUSIC. FRIDAY.

Could life possibly be any better right now (rhetorical question)?

Let’s do this!

Algiers – The Underside of Power

There’s a lot of pain in this album. With a mix of gospel, soul, funk, and industrial, there’s a lot to take in on this politically charged record. On tracks like Hymn for an Average Man and Bury Me Standing, you’ll hear songs that could be played at your next Halloween party or seance they’re so haunting.
Favorite tracks: The Cycle/The Spiral: Time to Go Down Slowly & Cry of the Martyrs

The Chain Gang of 1974 – Felt

If you’re into anthemic pop, you’ve found your album of the day… week? Across the entire album there’s a sense of yearning, wanting, and eventual Bliss. If you’re looking for the soundtrack to your next date, this might be everything you’re looking for with just enough pumped up dance heavy tracks AND slow sway-worthy love songs.
Favorite tracks: Looking For Love & Temptation

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Murder of the Universe

Before we dive into this TWENTY ONE TRACK, THREE PART ALBUM, can we talk about the fact that it’s their second album of 2017? With robot voices, chanting, a woman’s beautiful voiceover telling the story, and straight up pummeling guitar, this is by far the most unique album of the week. Listen to it alone and sink deep into your chair for 46 minutes of some of the best sci-fi psychedelic storytelling out there.
Favorite tracks: Altered Beast I & Han-Tyumi, The Confused Cyborg

Ex Eye – Ex Eye

With almost no vocals throughout the 5 tracks, you’ll still completely understand the story they’re telling in their self-titled post metal world. And honestly, with everything from synths, to hand drums, to saxophone’s, they may just be redefining the entire post metal genre. It’s perfect if you’ve got something epic to do and don’t want the distraction of lyric songs. Also, don’t be scared of only 5 tracks, 3 of them are right around the 12 minute mark.
Favorite tracks: Xenolith; the Anvil & Anaitis Hymnal; the Arkose Disc

New Swears – And the Magic of Horses

Punky, jangly, garage rock that puts a smile on your face. Songs like Comfortably hungover and Le Poison show that they have fun while creating some straight-forward happy-go-lucky tunes. There’s a classic rock influence throughout that almost gives a familiarity to the songs and you’ll wish you already knew the lyrics. It’s the kind of music you want to play at your next house party.
Favorite tracks: Warm Bodies & Halos in Hell

Captain We’re Sinking – The King of No Man

With a post-hardcore punky feel, the whole album is just a good time. There are times that they’re heavier, hitting on a light hardcore feel, and others where you have to ask yourself if this is an emo record. If you’re looking for something as dark as The Future is Cancelled, you won’t find it here, but a lighter version that will no doubt bring an all new following and a bright future? It definitely delivers.
Favorite tracks: Trying Year & Water

Guerilla Toss – GT Ultra

This is quite possible what future psychedelic pop sounds like. It’s like the band took a spaceship up through the atmosphere and created the soundtrack for what that journey felt like. With synths, spacey dings and boops, and an overall fun pop sound, it’s a good time wrapped in 8 songs at just under half an hour.
Favorite tracks: Can I Get the Real Stuff & TV Do Tell

Jeff Tweedy – Together at Last

Can’t mention this album without saying who this Jeff Tweedy character is, the frontman from Wilco. Consider the album a super stripped down version of them with only vocals, guitar, and sparse harmonica. This is a debut album, but with heart-wrenching lyrics and the skillful vocals of roadworthy touring artist, it doesn’t sound like a first record at all.
Favorite tracks: I Am Trying to Break Your Heart & Muzzle of Bees

BONUS SINGLE: Flight Facilities – Arty Boy

The boys are back with some additional vocals from Australian singer, Emma Louise. They haven’t put out any new music since their debut back in 2014, so a lot of fans are going to love this. If you’re looking for a sexy lil jam that hopefully helps fuel the, “around 60” new songs they’re currently holding onto for their next project, this’ll tide you over.

What’s YOUR favorite on the list… or not on the list… either way, tell us on Twitter!

See you next week!

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