This week in news: Flying Lotus grosses majority of crowd with his vulgar, decrepit film at Sundance where multiple people left the theater, something about pig and human cell transplants, Trump is throwing out orders left and right, and A Walk to Remember premiered 15 years ago! We’re getting hit from all different angles, but one thing that will continuously bridge the masses is the release of all new, good music.

Take a listen and let us know which albums you’ll be jamming to today, and what you think we should have on our radar on either Twitter or Facebook.


FOR THOSE WHO: want to be a part of the new-age rap and hip-hop generation, and enjoy watching musical legends being born before their eyes. Get on board with Migos.

Cloud NothingsLife Without Sound

FOR THOSE WHO: are looking to whip out the old leather jacket, get in a car, hit the dusty trail for a quick momentary escape from all the political jargon, and need a soundtrack to get down to while behind the wheel.


FOR THOSE WHO: need to feel like a badass once said destination is finally reached, and need an album to play while you slam your door and walk into that locals bar like the DGAF champion you are.

Charlie CunninghamLines

FOR THOSE WHO: like melodic male vocals to serenade you and all of your feelings late at night when you’re sitting alone contemplating your life.


FOR THOSE WHO: like to cry, then dance, then cry a little more, then fuse them and do this uncomfortable yet needed Sofia Coppola film-esque cry-dance together in the middle of the street.


Louis The Child – “Love Is Alive”

FOR THOSE WHO: love when ultra melodic feminine vocals are fused with deep, cutting electronic production.

Jamiroquai – “Automaton”

FOR THOSE WHO: are beyond stoked for the return of the man, the myth, and the legend Jamiroquai. He’s back, guys. He’s really back.

Goldfrapp – “Anymore”

FOR THOSE WHO: Are ultra-amped about this incredible indie-electro resurge that’s taking over the interwebs.