First thing’s first, it’s “St. Paddy’s Day” with two D’s. The spelling comes from the Irish spelling of Patrick, Pádraig. Hence, an Irish holiday deserves an Irish spelling… Second, this week’s New Music Friday is on another level. Check out a lineup of insane bands going into this crazy weekend.

Rivers of NihilWhere Owls Know My Name

I was sure from the cover alone that this was going to be metal, but then the first song hit and it was quiet and piano-laden, but that’s where the quiet and calm ends. The record traverses a diverse field of music from straight up metal to almost psytrance stuff in “Terrestria III.” It’ll please the biggest metalhead and brings with it drums that sound like a Tommy gun.
Favorite tracks: “The Silent Life” & “Hollow”

Creep Show – Mr. Dynamite

Favorite cover art of the week goes to Creep Show. And while the album is definitely creepy, it’s also super fun with a cool industrial electronic sound and vocals that will possibly haunt your nightmares. The album is surprisingly stark while still feeling like a lot is going on.
Favorite tracks: “Mr. Dynamite” & “Tokyo Metro”

Hot Snakes – Jericho Sirens

After 14 years you’d think they might slow down, but from track one on, you hear that they haven’t at all. This is the punchiest album of the week and with shredding guitar and howling vocals, it’s the rock album you’ll be listening to all weekend long. Incredible, albeit short, at only 30 minutes.
Favorite tracks: “Having Another” & “I need a Doctor”

The Bonnevilles – Dirty Photographs

These Irish boys can do no wrong. Bluesy old school rock ‘n’ roll at its finest. This album could have easily been released in the ’70s with gorgeous guitar work throughout and drums that pound it all the way home. They somehow make a 38-minute album feel a lot longer than it actually is over ten tracks.
Favorite tracks: “Dirty Photographs” & “The Poachers Pocket”

Mount Eerie – Now Only

Super unique storytelling music with a calm, quiet, and almost hypnotic pace. At only six songs, he packs a ton of lyrics into the 43-minute album. It’s the perfect album if you’re looking for something that’ll take you on a relaxing guitar-driven trip.
Favorite tracks: “Distortion” & “Earth”

Mo Lowda & The HumbleCreatures

This one came out a few days ago, but it still deserves a spot on the NMF list. Their last album, Curse the Weather, is one of my favorites, but this new one is taking their sound to another level. From start to finish the bluesy indie rock will climb into your brain and never let go. I also really like the synth-y experimentation they’re getting into.
Favorite tracks: “Card Shark” & “6-7”

BONUS EP: Kidnap – Ashes

For some reason, the EP is listed as a single on Spotify, but the three songs, “Ashes,” “Aurora,” and “After All” each float in around five minutes and if it doesn’t get you moving, I don’t know what will. It’s minimalistic electronic at its best with heart-filled vocals and piano that’ll make you swoon.

See you out there!