Welcome to the best day of your life, or at least this week, so far. Kick off the weekend with some smooth tracks, dreamy tunes, danceable songs, and… you get it.

Which is your fav on the new music Friday list?

M.I.L.K. – A Memory of a Postcard

The first EP from Copenhagen’s Emil Wilk. Every one of the six songs on it will get you moving and grooving to the good times. Favorite tracks: “When You Feel Good” & “If We Want To”

Juanes – Mis Planes Son Amarte

If you’re looking for a trip through space and time, literally, this is your album. Yes, it’s in Spanish, but honestly, it doesn’t matter. Every pop song tells a story that you clearly understand this one without language. Favorite tracks: “Es Tarde” & “Perro Viejo”

Dreamcar – Dreamcar

This band is the musical mashup of AFI’s lead singer and No Doubt minus Gwen. At the end of the day, it’s ’80s dance rock that’ll get you awkwardly reliving a time when you wore too much neon. Favorite tracks: “Kill for Candy” & “All of the Dead Girls”

Todd Rundgren – White Knight

This is a release from Todd Rundgren, but it’s definitely not just him. All but two of the 15 tracks have collaborators including Joe Walsh, Joe Satriani, and Trent Reznor. Each collaborator brings their own flavor to the songs including hip-hop, rock, and R&B. Favorite tracks: “This is not a Drill” & “Fiction”

Elf Power – Twitching in Time

Album number 16’s the charm. If you’re looking for the clearest psych-pop out there, you’ve found your band. The album sounds like what a ray of sunshine feels like, warm and happy from beginning to end. Favorite tracks: “Sniper in the Balcony” & “Watery Shreds”

Girlpool – Powerplant

This is playful album with a sadness on its backbone. It’s almost like a punk band on Ambien, and when I say that, I mean it in the best of ways. It’s an album you can put on and listen to from start to finish with a smile. Favorite tracks: “Kiss and Burn” & “Soup”

Overlake – Fall

This is what shoegaze is supposed to sound like. Every song feels like guitarist and vocalist Tom Barrett is singing a love song directly to you. Favorite tracks: “Can Never Tell” & “Pines on a Beach”


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