On this May the 4th, we’ve got dad jokes involving a beautiful bird! We also have a bunch of incredible jams for New Music Friday.

Let’s do this!

Shakey Graves – Can’t Wake Up

If you throw this one on and expect the old Shakey Graves, you will be disappointed. You can still hear the backbone of classic SG, but this one is headed in an all-new direction. And in no way is that a bad thing, it’s just much more peppy with a more… robust(?) sound. Another interesting thing about this one is the fact that it was recorded all over the country, so each song has a bit of a flux in production. Super fun record.
Favorite tracks: “Kids These Days” & “Aibohphobia”

Frank Turner – Be More Kind

I want to be best friends with Frank Turner. There, I said it. In every song on this new album, you can hear in the background that he was hurt, but the future looks bright. The storytelling is incredible, it’s funny, and, honestly, he sounds like a good person. Listen up and follow his advice to “Be More Kind.”
Favorite tracks: “Make America Great Again” & “Brave Face”

Peace – Kindness is The New Rock And Roll

Oh, this is a yummy lil’ album right here. It’s only 34 minutes, but they’re packed full of incredible writing, and an upbeat rock ‘n’ roll flow that fluctuates between straight-up rock and almost an indie singer/songwriter vibe. There’s not a bad song on the album. Turn this one up and give Peace a chance.
Favorite tracks: “You Don’t Walk Away From Love” & “Just a Ride”

Mating Ritual – Light Myself on Fire

Super introspective album about the ups and downs of life. The Los Angeles duo put together an album that’s an incredibly danceable mix of retro electronic, synths, and guitars. It’s sparse yet somehow extremely full. The record also has an interesting sense of nostalgia that new wave fans might get into.
Favorite tracks: “Heaven’s Lonely” & “Stop Making Sense”

Cut Worms – Hollow Ground

Yes, please. If you’re looking for some ’50s/’60s inspired rock ‘n’ roll with an almost surf vibe to it, you’ve found your favorite album of the week. If The Beach Boys, The Beatles, and Buddy Holly had a kid in the late ’90s, this is the band that would come out of their beautiful bond.
Favorite tracks: “Coward’s Confidence” & “Don’t Want to Say Good-bye”

Trampled By Turtles – Life is Good on the Open Road

One of the best bluegrass bands in the country is back with a heavy-hitting, 39 minute, perfect record. This is the kind of record that a country lover will get into, a rock lover will get behind, and an indie rock lover will melt into. It’s got it all with fantastic writing, incredible vocals that vaguely remind me of Tom Petty, and a fiddle that’ll knock you back a few steps. Incredible from start to finish.
Favorite tracks: “Blood in the Water” & “The Middle”

The Glitch Mob – See Without Eyes

Can an electronic album be introspective? Lemme answer that for you: yes. And this is that album. While it’s still got a few bangers on it, they’ve taken things down a bit into a darker, down-tempo flow that you can still dance to but won’t bring the house down. This is an album to think about life to.
Favorite tracks: “Disintegrate Slowly” & “Come Closer”

Angelus Apartrida – Cabaret De La Guillotine

If they open every show like that first track (“Sharpen the Guillotine”), I need to see them live. Intricate guitar-work opens into a full out metal frenzy. The thrash metal band from Spain knows how to rage and the incredible vocals on top of extremely technical metal works in so many ways.
Favorite tracks: “The Hum” & “One of Us”

Tove StyrkeSway

Poppy rock tunes prevail in this one coming in at only 26 minutes. The whole album is super catchy with hooks that’ll knock you over. After one listen, you’ll be singing along to every song. Another super danceable album with vocals that flip from gorgeously slow to almost rap speed. Get your dancing shoes ready.
Favorite tracks: “On a Level” & “Say My Name

Leon Bridges – Good Thing

With only two albums under his belt, it might be too early to call him a living legend, but… I’m gonna. This album not only solidifies his status, but shows that he’s not a one trick (or genre) pony. The sound of this one moves ahead a decade or two from the last record into a ’70s R&B vibe. Those who loved the first one will most likely feel right at home on this one. Now my question is, was he born in the wrong decade or the perfect decade to release it all?
Favorite tracks: “Beyond” & “If It Feels Good (Then It Must Be)”

See you next week!