new music friday

For the last New Music Friday of August we’re giving you pure gold. You’re probably going to want to put some time aside and really tune in to each of the next nine albums. They were so good this week that I might just start my day over and listen to them all over again.

But anyway, did we miss any? Which was your favorite?

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Rejoicer – Energy Dreams

Picture the soundtrack to a hazy psychedelic ride through space and you’ll only begin to understand this record. It’s funky, it’s shimmering, and it’s got just enough diversity throughout to pique the interest of any electronic lovers out there. The perfect album to chill out with.
Favorite tracks: “Alien Sphere” & “Clouds of Me”

Mass Gothic – I’ve Tortured You Long Enough

For a husband and wife duo, the title might sound like the end of a marriage. But after listening to it, I’m guessing it’s only getting started. The pair splits the album right down the middle on vocals and they make a sound that’s dark and dreary but somehow upbeat.
Favorite tracks: “Big Window” & “How I Love You”

Thou – Magus

Doom-filled, sludgy, goodness. Coming in at over an hour and fifteen minutes with three songs breaking the ten minute mark, this is no tiny album. It’s heavy, it’s angry, and it’s got a growl that might just nip at you if you get too close. If you’re looking for a dark one, this is your best bet.
Favorite tracks: “The Changeling Prince” & “Greater Invocation of Disgust”

The Kooks – Let’s Go Sunshine

If Arctic Monkey’s and Oasis had a musical love child, it might sound like this new record by The Kooks. It’s just a fantastic indie rock album with a pinch of ’90s, a touch of U.K. edge, and enough hooks to knock ya out. Good from start to finish. 
Favorite tracks: “Four Leaf Clover” & “Pamela”

Alkaline Trio – Is This Thing Cursed?

Well, well, well… Alkaline Trio has entered the tricky world of adult-focused punk rock with less anger and gloom. Dare I say a few of these songs are positive? If you’re looking for great songwriting, a punk rock backbone, and just enough angst to remind you of exactly who Alkaline Trio is, you’re in for a treat. Possibly my favorite album of the week.
Favorite tracks: “I Can’t Believe” & “Throw Me To The Lions”

Saintseneca – Pillar of Na

This record is hard to nail down. You could consider it folk, rock, indie, or even experimental, but no matter what you call it, it’ll hit you in the heart. There’s a heavy yearning from the singer and the pacing is like a freight train heading at you slow and steady.
Favorite tracks: “Ladders to the Sun” & “Circle Hymn”

Wild Nothing – Indigo

If you’re looking for an ’80s inspired pop album you’ve found it. It reminds me of the soundtrack of a movie from back in the day that somehow didn’t register in my head. It’s calming and nostalgic wrapped in a bow.
Favorite tracks: “Oscillation” & “Canyon on Fire”

Tash Sultana – Flow State

This is a debut album for the books and it’s a lot to take in. She somehow mixes soul, R&B, classic rock, and even a sprinkling of electronic with ease. If you want some of the best guitar today, throw on “Blackbird” and sit back for almost ten minutes of mind-blowing, six-string workings.
Favorite tracks: “Blackbird” & “Cigarettes”

BONUS EP: Iron & Wine – Weed Garden

Six songs. Twenty minutes. All gorgeous. If you’re even a little familiar with Iron & Wine, you know that the guy is capable of creating some of the most beautiful singer/songwriter jams ever. While this record is short, it’ll give you the warm embrace you’ve been looking for.
Favorite tracks: “Talking to Fog” & “Last of Your Rock ‘n’ Roll Heroes”

See you next month!