earn more DRUMS

Hello, all you beautiful Jukely users! We’ve heard through the grapevine that you want to know how to earn more DRUMS tokens. Pay attention to the following five tips and recent examples and you’ll be rolling in the DRUMS soon enough!

1. Share the Hype/Review on Social

This one seems obvious, but it’s by far the most important out of anything you do below. Getting tokens is all about getting eyes on the band you’re writing about, so if you don’t share it, no one sees it, no one clicks it, and you don’t earn anything.

Another important part about sharing your hypes and reviews is not oversharing. No one wants to be spammed, right? It’s all about balance.

2. Use Your Words

If you want eyes on your review or hype, you need to actually write a review or hype. A simple emoji or single word isn’t going to get eyes on it. If you’ve written something so short that anyone can read it all before clicking on your link, they’re most likely not going to click it.

3. Make Them Want More

If you’ve written something so intriguing from the get-go, your opportunities are limitless. When you write a hype or review, pretend that you’re a pro, and you’re only giving them a taste at the beginning.

4. Why Would You Click It?

Yes, you. If you read your review or hype and don’t want to click it, why would anyone else? That should be the final test before you click submit, “Would I want to read more about this band?” If the answer is that you don’t, add a lil’ something to take it up a notch. Your readers will thank you, and so will we… with tokens!

5. Bring on the Details

There are a few things that will bring your reviews and hypes to a better place and those are details. Which of the following bands would you be most interested in?

  1. Great band!
  2. 🔥
  3. There’s not another band out there with as much energy as this band. The craziest part about the night though had to be…


Number 1 shows me that the reviewer likes the band, but nothing else.

Number 2 tells me nothing.

But number 3, I want to know what band it is and what the craziest part of the night was.

It’s all about the details, my friends.