We’re excited to announce a new feature that tracks show attendance and rewards members with points to unlock new “levels”. Download the latest version of the Jukely app on iOS (feature coming soon on Android), claim a spot to a show, and watch what happens when you check-in! 

Each level comes with a unique card containing original artwork that members can view and show off to their friends. Jukely will also be rolling out special cards for their warehouse shows and other surprise cards, so members can collect and begin building out their own unique timeline.

Jukely levels

“We already have power users — people who go out all the time and love discovering new music they’ve never heard before,” said Tess Russell, Jukely’s Head of Product. “The levels are a fun way to recognize that in our product and maybe even inspire a bit of friendly competition between members.”

Recent activity is also weighed most heavily, so members will need to keep going to shows in order to maintain a certain level once it’s reached.  In total, there are five different levels members can attain, with only 2% of all members reaching Level 5.

Live across 15 cities in the United States, as well as in London and Toronto, new shows are released at 11am in members’ respective time zones and can be claimed before 5pm on the day of the show. The basic membership tier provides individual access to shows happening in a three day window with options to upgrade membership to bring a friend and claim spots even further in advance.

To get the full levels experience, members will need the updated Jukely app (the latest iOS version is out in the App Store today, and the next Android version will be released by the end of the month).