april fool's day the jukely phone

That’s right folks, we’ve got a brand new feature for you on this beautiful April 1st. It’s called The Jukely Phone!* And before you ask, the answer is YES! You can use any phone you’d like to jump on this insane new feature that we’ll be pushing out immediately. That means that everyone can be a part of this one, not just smartphone users (we’re looking at you rotary phone call makers)!

Starting today, April 1st, Jukely members will be able to make calls directly to people already enjoying themselves at live shows all over the world. Of course, each user will have to know someone at the specific show that they’d like to call for it to work, but that’s beside the point.

Features of The Jukely Phone:

  • No fancy smartphone needed to take advantage.
  • Landline, iOS, and Android compatible.
  • Got a signal on your phone or a landline? You’re ready to go!
  • Any show happening live is an opportunity to test the feature.
  • Past shows can be revisited if a message is left at the beep.
  • The person at the live show will have to be able to hear their phone ring, feel it vibrate, or see it light up to participate.
  • Absolutely zero ability to see the band (but Jukely Phone 2.0 is in the works**)
  • Available today, April 1st!

Try out the new feature immediately, or don’t. The choice is completely up to you.

*In no way is The Jukely Phone a real thing. It’s April Fool’s Day. Anyone is able to call any of their friends during a show to hear the show over a phone line, but in all reality, there’s only one way to listen to live music, and that’s AT the show. Go see more shows. If you’re in the vicinity of any of our 16 cities, we’ll help. Find out more here!
**It’s not.