Promoting is hard. Whether it is an event, a music release or anything else you have created, it is getting harder to get your project in front of people.

There is important data in Eventbrite’s 2019 Industry Trends Pulse Report:

  • The most effective marketing technique to sell tickets is word of mouth. (63%).
  • The number one challenge for event creators in 2019 is reaching new attendees (56%).
  • More than a third of respondents (33%) say insufficient marketing budget is among their top challenges in the event industry.

This report has identified the best way to sell out events by putting word of mouth into action is to sell to the social ring leader.

Bang The Drums puts these important data points at the center and provides an offering to creators of all kinds of projects.

The main goals are:

  • Increase word of mouth and have your audience promote your projects.
  • Reduce ad spend as an outcome of more online traffic coming to your project via shared links.

Bang The Drums achieves these goals using the virtual DRUMS tokens as a reward system. Your audience earns DRUMS tokens by promoting your project pages. Then they can use those tokens to redeem perks you set up. It’s that simple.

Here is how it works step by step:

  1. As a creator add a project in Bang The Drums simply by adding the link to the page you want promoted.
  2. Set up perks as rewards for your audience who promote your projects.
  3. Share your project urls with your audience via emails / social media posts.
  4. Your audience shares your projects by using their personal share links.
  5. Your audience earns DRUMS tokens for the engagements they receive on their shared pages and they use them to redeem your perks.
  6. You watch the buzz build and go from success to success.

Demo Case

Let’s say we want to promote the upcoming Rage Against The Machine tour. We go to our projects page and create a project we want our audience to promote.

In this case we are entering as the destination link we want visitors to land on.

And a new project gets created just like that.

This is what a project page looks like as seen below. The url:

So let’s say I follow ABC Events on Twitter and see that they shared this link. I want to get some sweet perks from ABC Events such as discount codes to their events, and I’m happy to share this tour with my friends. I register using that link on the top of the page and it now drops me back on this page with my own personal share link.

I copy my personal share link from that box above which is: – so now I can share my link in social media and direct messages and every time I get a unique person viewing my personal share link I’ll earn DRUMS tokens. If someone clicks my personal link it looks like this:

And in a couple of seconds it redirects the visitor to the destination url we had set up as the project creator, in this case it will redirect to:

Easy peasy. Now as a project creator we want to set up some perks so our audience is motivated to share our links for us. It only takes a few seconds to create perks and this is how it looks:

You can create as many perks as you’d like and reward your audience who promote your projects for you.

Bang The Drums is currently invite only for creators as we work through our beta phase. If you would like to use it to have your projects promoted by your audience please get on standby here: