NEW YORK. If you find pleasure in the insanely entertaining, ultra chaotic, yet somehow soothing warehouse parties that happen in the city every once in a while, then check out this new pop-up venue 3001: Odyssey Disco Pop-Up. Limited time only.

In NYC, in the 70s, nightlife lived in Manhattan. The “scene” that we’ve inherited and base our nightlife culture on today, was born in an atmosphere of fast trends and fierce competition that was ubiquitous in the city.

However in Brooklyn, there lived an institution that existed in a sphere of it’s own. Far from the influence of the city’s fickle trends, 2001 Odyssey Disco had no celebrities, no bullshit, just a dance floor packed with ordinary people who lived for the weekend.

3001: Odyssey is a pop-up club designed to be a reset button. A simply and thoughtfully programmed rooftop loft, outfitted with a glorious custom built sound system, and affordable to everyone. It is both an homage to the previous generation and a message to the next one. A physical tradition in the form of a dance floor.



The 3000: Odyssey shows will be available on Jukely. Head on over and claim a spot!